Back to School

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All of the characters in this story are fictional, and are at least 18 at the time of the story.

As always, I appreciate your comments and suggestions, but nasty or abusive comments will be deleted. If you enjoy this story, please vote for it at the end.


It had been a nasty separation and an even nastier divorce, but Angela had ended up with custody of her 10 year old son Jason and a moderate monthly alimony payment to help support him. Even so, she had to work hard both at her service job and on the farm in order to make ends meet. And the ends were just barely meeting.

That was why she had decided to return to college to get an Engineering Technician diploma. Sure, it was a male dominated field, but there were often openings in the Engineering department at the power plant and they were secure jobs which paid almost 3 times what she was making in the cafeteria. She had discussed her plans with the Engineering manager when he came in for lunch, and he had promised her a shot at the next position that opened up if she had a diploma in her hand.

September 2. First day of school. Angela had cropped her bright red hair almost buzz cut short. With the added expenses of school, there would be no money left for stylists and with more to do now than ever before, a quick towel dry was all she had time for. It also took several years off her appearance which she hoped would allow her to blend in with the mid-twenty-somethings in her classroom. As she glanced around the hallways, she was glad that she had been to the thrift store and selected some worn hip hugging jeans and a few younger style tops to complement the deception.

Alex was very nervous as he entered the school. It’s not that he was at all worried about the academic requirements. His high school grades had been stellar. But, he wouldn’t turn 18 until later this month, and he was worried about fitting in with the generally older demographic of the Engineering program he had chosen. He was painfully aware that his social skills lagged significantly behind his academic ones and that put him on edge.

Checking his phone to verify the room number of the orientation lecture, Alex collided with a girl in front of him. She was a tall willowy redhead with short cropped hair, and he got only a quick glimpse of her magnificent ass as she pivoted to face him. When he looked up into her startled green eyes, he was instantly smitten.

“I…I…I’m sorry I bumped you,” he stammered. “I was just ch…ch…checking for my orientation room.”

Angela’s initial thought was that one of the men who had been checking her out had intentionally bumped her from behind, but when she had turned around she had been faced with a very nervous boy. Her ire immediately turned into something more maternal as she saw his terrified young face looking up into hers.

“Oh. That’s OK,” she replied with a throaty laugh. “I guess I stopped kind of short when I pulled out my campus map to find my room. What program are you in?”

“En…Engineering,” he stammered. “Room 620 according to my phone.”

“Me too,” Angela replied. “Looks like we are going to be in class together. My name’s Angela, what’s yours?” She asked, sticking out her hand to shake.

“A…A…A…Alex. My’s Alex,” he pushed out reaching to take her proffered hand.

Alex could feel his face going redder by the second as he held this ginger beauty’s hand in his. She was stunning and hot and her voice sent chills up and down his spine and a pulse to his groin. Mesmerized, he stood there holding her hand in his.

“OK then Alex,” Angela stated when she realized he was frozen. “We better quit with the introductions and get to our class before it starts.”

Shaken from his reverie Alex self consciously dropped her hand and followed her to the classroom, all the while trying not to stare at the inviting side to side snap of her ass as she walked. By the time they got to their designated room, he was half hard in his pants and was glad to find a seat alone at the back of the room where he could conceal his arousal.

Alex could hardly concentrate on what was being said as he surreptitiously watched Angela out of the corner of his eye. He had known girls as beautiful as her before, but they had never given him the time of day, except to laugh and make fun of his awkward attempts at conversation. But she, this beautiful enchanting woman with the freckled face and throaty voice, she, had talked to him like a person. Had forgiven his clumsiness at colliding with her. Had shaken his hand. Alex was smitten.

Angela had all but forgotten her encounter with the nervous young man by the time the lecture was over. There was SO much information and it went by so fast. It had been more than 15 years since she had been in a classroom, and even then she had been more interested in socializing than studying. If this is what she had to expect, it was going to be hard. Really hard. Was she up to the challenge?

On the casino oyna second day they had a shop class and Angela started to feel a little better. As a farm girl, she was well accustomed to being around machinery and working with tools. She felt a little more in her element in the shop and her outlook improved. She was even able to help that young guy Alex lay out and drill the holes for the first piece of his project. Perhaps everything was going to be OK after all.

It was during week three that the boom came crashing down. Angela was exhausted. She had been burning the candle at both ends. Hitting the books late into the night and getting up early to send Jason off to school before she rushed off to class herself. The course material was difficult and came at a very rapid pace. Too rapid for her to keep up. When she received her grades on the first round of term tests, Angela was shocked. Although she thought she had understood the material her grades were dismal.

After a long and disappointing week, the final failing grade was delivered on Friday morning. She was exhausted. Way past tired. Her mind was a whirlwind of despair. She had sunk everything into this attempt to go back to school. She was trying her best to succeed but it all seemed to be slipping between her fingers. Failure was not an option, but she simply could not see how she would ever succeed if things kept on like this.

She found a quiet corner of the library to sit and think but the exhaustion and depression descended like a blanket and she just ended up sitting there quietly sobbing into her hands. So wrapped up in her thoughts, she never sensed his presence until he touched her shoulder. Startled, she looked up into Alex’s concerned young face.

“Angela Are you OK? What’s wrong?” He asked.

Through her sobs, Angela let it all out. Her exhaustion, her frustration at her lack of success, her fear of failing, her lack of money.

“You’re smart, you helped me with my project at the beginning. You can do this. Maybe all you need is a tutor,” Alex suggested.

“Where am I going to get a tutor for these subjects?” Angela sobbed in despair. “And even if I did how am I going to find time to work with them? And then how will I ever find the money to pay them?” She continued tears beginning to stream down her cheeks again.

Alex didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t bear the thought of this beautiful woman being so sad. It came to him in that instant. It was the perfect solution. Oh God please, please, please.

“Angela. I…I…I can help you,” he began, cursing himself for stuttering again. “I…I know this stuff. It’s pretty easy for me. I’ll tutor you if you like. I’ll help you out.”

“When?” Angela sobbed. “When can you find time to help me? You have to do your work too, and I have to go home right after school to be there for Jason, then do farm chores before I can study.”

“OK. OK. Just let me think a minute,” Alex replied. “OK. Here’s how we can work it. You go home, to look after your chores and then I’ll come out to the farm after dinner for a couple hours to help you learn this stuff. How would that work?”

Angela was touched by what he was offering to do for her.

“But I couldn’t pay you, I couldn’t even reimburse you for your gas to drive out to my place,” she argued. “There’s nothing in it for you. In fact you will be out of pocket. I could never let you do that for me. Why would you?”

Alex could never in a million years admit to her why he would do it. He wanted her. He wanted her more than anything he had ever wanted in his life, but she would probably just laugh him off like all the others. He had to think of something quickly.

“Tell you what,” he offered. “I hate cooking. How about I eat dinner with you and Jason before the tutoring and maybe even take a few leftovers if there are any? That way we both get something out of the deal.”

Angela was stunned, but she knew this was probably her only lifeline to the future she wanted.

“I just can’t do it some nights,” she began. “Tuesdays and Thursdays are Jason’s soccer nights so we’re home late as it is”

“OK. Then I’ll be there for dinner Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and we can do two hours in the library after shop in Tuesdays,” Alex jumped in. “I promise I can get you through this.”

“Will you really do this for me? Will you really work that hard to help me get through?” Angela sobbed with relief, “and all you get is a few free meals?”

“That’s right, I’m kind of bored most nights anyway and you were so nice to me the first day and in the shop. I really don’t mind at all,” Alex replied, and then thought to himself, “and I get to have dinner with a goddess three nights a week,” but of course, he didn’t say it.

Angela wiped away her tears and when Alex stood to go, quickly stood and gave him a big hug and a peck on the cheek.

Taken by surprise, Alex just stood there, arms at his sides, overwhelmed by sensory overload. First, there was canlı casino the warmth of her firm body pressed against him. In her heels, Angela stood taller than Alex placing his nose at the nape of her neck providing him a whiff of her delicate scent. Then he recognized the feel of Angela’s firm breasts pressing against his chest all of which left him hoping, no, praying, that she would not notice him beginning to harden in his jeans. Then, just like that, it was over and Angela thanked him again. Picked up her bag and walked away.

The first dinner was a bit awkward, but then Angela cleared the dishes and Jason rushed off to play his alloted hour of video games. Alex laid out the textbooks for the night’s study and the homework began. Two hours passed like minutes and before he knew it Alex was packing up his books to leave as Angela called to Jason to get ready for bed.

“Alex. I can’t thank you enough for doing this for me,” Angela enthused. “I actually think I’m starting to understand this whole Chemistry thing with your help.”

As he drove home that night, Alex could not help but think about his time with Angela. He thought it had gone rather well. Angela had prepared a tasty meal, and had seemed genuinely pleased with their progress. All in all, he thought, it had gone very well

As he was reliving the evening, he couldn’t help but think about that special instant. At one point he had leaned over her shoulder to check her solution and had caught a glimpse down her top. Nothing really, just a hint of skin below her neckline, but he had to fight down the stirring in his loins. He almost drifted onto the shoulder as he replayed that instant in his mind.

After a couple weeks of their sessions. Alex had become much more comfortable around Angela. He was actually able to joke around with her a bit, something he never thought he would be able to do, and make her laugh. God. He loved that husky throaty laugh of hers. It always caused a tingle in his balls when she laughed. He tried to make it happen often.

After driving through a blinding rainstorm, Alex arrived at the farm one Friday night and all was dark. He double checked his phone for messages to see if Angela had canceled, but nothing there. He was just wondering what to do when her car pulled in beside his and Angela hopped out.

Alex’s heart almost leapt out of his throat when he saw her. Angela was soaking wet. Her short hair was unaffected, but her tee shirt was plastered to her skin. Alex could clearly see the outline of her bra and the bulge of her breasts above it. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her as she stepped over to his car, and as she came closer, he saw the shape of her nipples trying to poke through the fabric.

“Can you believe it?” She began, leaning into his open window. “I had a flat just when it started to rain. I am totally soaked and freezing. Help me grab the groceries out of the car and let’s get inside.”

Entering the kitchen, Angela dumped the bags on the counter and continued walking through.

“Jason is at a sleepover tonight. I’m just going to get out of these wet clothes and take a quick shower to warm up if that’s OK,” she called behind her as she went.

Not really thinking about it, she reached down and started to pull off her shirt before she was even out of the kitchen. Alex’s eyes nearly popped out of his head as he caught a clear view of her thin waisted bare back and the bottom of her bra just as she rounded the corner. It was almost more than he could take when he heard the shower begin to run, knowing that she would be completely naked.

He thought about unpacking the groceries, but he didn’t know where anything went so he just stood there. Stood there with the picture of her naked back burning into his brain. It was too much for him. His hormones took control and almost in a trance, he found himself moving through the kitchen in the direction of the bathroom. In her haste, Angela had left the door slightly ajar and he soon found a position that gave him a view into the room.

The shower door was frosted across the middle with clear bands at the top and bottom. He could see her clearly from the shoulders up and the knees down, but the interesting parts were nothing more than shadowy shapes. But oh my God what amazing shadowy shapes they were. Alex knew this wasn’t right. Knew he shouldn’t be trying to peek in on her, but he could feel himself going hard in his jeans at the sight before him.

He’d been in position for less than a minute when Angela started to turn towards the door and he realized that she would be able to see him through the clear part of the glass. Panicked, he jumped back and hustled out to the kitchen, his heart hammering and his face red with embarrassment at almost being caught.

Chilled to the bone, eyes closed, Angela luxuriated in the feeling of the hot water cascading down her naked body. Over the last few weeks, with Alex’s help, her test and assignment scores had improved significantly. kaçak casino Although there was still much work to do, the sense of hopelessness at her impending failure was gone. She could learn this material. She would be successful. It was a blessed relief to feel some hope and the sense of relief opened her to other senses as well. The water felt good. Really good. And that good feeling caused her tummy to melt just a little bit.

She hadn’t felt this good in a long time and she was thinking of pleasuring herself, something she’d had no urge to do for almost a year now, when she suddenly remembered Alex. She needed to snap out of it and get back out to the kitchen. As she opened her eyes and turned, she saw that in her haste she had not properly closed the bathroom door. In that instant, she could have sworn she saw some motion outside in the hall. It couldn’t be Jason. He wasn’t home. Alex? No. It must have been her imagination.

Stepping out of the shower she dried herself then took an appraising look in the mirror. Her full C cup breasts had large nipples and almost no sag, Her tummy was flat and her butt was tight.

“Not bad for 35,” she thought as she surveyed herself once again. “If Alex had been in the hall, he would have gotten quite an eyeful of a not half bad MILF.”

Chuckling to herself at that thought, she pulled on her old terry robe, gathered up her soaked clothing and wet towel and padded barefoot back out to the kitchen.

“OK. I feel much better now,” she announced as she tossed the wet things into the laundry. “I’ll just put the water on to boil then go get dressed.”

Alex was riveted to the spot. It was immediately obvious that Angela was naked under her thin robe. He had caught a glimpse of her red bra and panties in the bundle of clothes she had carried into the room and he could clearly see her generous breasts moving unfettered beneath the thin fabric as she passed through the room.

“I just thought I would do a simple pasta dish tonight. It’s really quick,” she announced. “I just need to get the pasta pot out of this cupboard beside you.”

Alex stepped slightly to the side as Angela opened the lower cupboard and squat down beside him. As he looked down Alex could see the bottom of the robe had parted over her knees providing a clear view of her long freckled legs, almost up to her crotch, and then when she leaned in to reach the pot, the top of the robe fell away exposing most of her naked breasts to his view. It all happened so quickly that if he hadn’t been watching closely he would have missed it.

In the next instant she was standing and moving away toward the stove. A flush of excitement ran from his brain straight to his cock. He had never seen a naked woman other than in pictures and it took only a second or two for him to become painfully hard at the memory of what he had just seen.

“I better go get some clothes on,” Angela announced as she headed down the hall. “I can’t sit around all night in this old robe, can I?”

For his part, Alex thought it would be perfectly fine to have her sit around in that old robe, if she didn’t mind him sitting around with a huge boner because of it.

Dressed in clean and dry jeans and tee, Angela finished making the dinner and served.

“Alex. You spend so much time here helping me you obviously don’t have a girlfriend here at school. Do you have one back home?”

“Actually I don’t have a girlfriend. I’ve never even really had a real date for that matter.” Alex admitted embarrassedly.

“Really? I don’t believe that,” Angela laughed. “You’re such a great guy and so smart. You must have had girls lined up to date you in high school. I suppose the next thing you are going to try to tell me is that you are a virgin,” she teased.

At the mention of virginity, Alex felt his food catch in his throat, and his face heat up as it flushed bright red. Shame and embarrassment fought for supremacy as he sat there silently staring at his plate.

“Oh my God,” Angela exclaimed. “Oh. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I never really thought. There’s nothing wrong with being a virgin. Don’t be embarrassed. I think it’s adorable. Really”

The remainder of the meal was mostly silent as Angela regretted having hurt the boy’s feelings. The two hours of study for next week’s Math test were also subdued. Alex was helpful but sullen as they worked through the material.

As Alex was packing up to go, Angela once again apologized for her insensitive comments and for hurting his feelings.

“It really was insensitive of me to tease you like that. I really do think the world of you and I couldn’t be more appreciative of how much you have helped me this semester,” she told him in her most sincere tone. “I wish I’d had a chance to date someone as wonderful as you when I was younger. I probably would have never married my asshole husband if I had.” This last bit said with a wry chuckle.

“It’s OK I guess,” Alex murmured. “You didn’t know. It just hurts sometimes. You know?”

“Don’t let it get you down. I promise there’s a wonderful girl out there for you somewhere,” Angela soothed as they moved toward the door.

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