Backseat Championship

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Jeremy laid his head in my lap as we carried on our conversation – about what, well that’s hard to remember since my memory is limited from when he twirled his tongue around my nipple and when I realized he had fucked my headache away.

He was teasing me, sucking ever so lightly and then returning to what ever it was we were discussing. I tried to focus. I was willing my body not to react, to finish each sentence, no stuttering, and no pauses. I tried, but I failed. If my body had an ignition key, it was my nipples. He knew to focus on the left and toyed with me. I was mid-sentence when I gave up the fight and let out the soft moan I was trying to contain. He looked up and smirked at me as I began to moan softly. “Fuck” I said as he pulled down my shirt and bra and switched between nipples. He kissed down my stomach and sent shivers down my spine. He undid my pants and started kissing the rim of my panties.

“Take off your pants” he said. He said it with bass, in that voice that I vowed never to admit actually got to me. This man could say anything in that bass and I would probably oblige. That bass was dangerous.

He was in between my legs kissing my inner thighs working his way up to my pussy. More shivers coursed down my spine. My nipples were erect and pointing up towards the ceiling. He slid off my panties and stared at my pussy.


“What?” I asked.

“Wet much” he said as he smiled. I bet he was admiring his effect on me.

I watched as my panties slid down my legs and fell to the floor next to me. It was written all over his face – hunger for me. Today was not the day where he would ease me into it, no; today he threw me into mind-blowing pleasure with no warning. I gasped as I felt him repeatedly flick his tongue. I moaned for him, arched my back for him, I bit my bottom lip for him. My hands slid up over my breasts and into my hair. I closed my eyes and cussed him out in my mind for making me feel so damn good; for being so damn good, poker oyna it wasn’t fair. I reached down and felt for his dick, it was not hard to miss. For a few seconds I was surprised by how hard it was. My hand shot up to hold the chair as he made my body shudder. I opened my eyes and saw him watching me, watching me move for him, squirm for him. He watched me moan to the brink of losing my mind. Have you ever been fearful of pleasure? I cannot say that I was not when I felt him move his hand up and expose my clit.

Almost anything else, I could tolerate, but when I felt him suck on my clit, my body wanted to explode. My moans turned to gasps: “Uhh-, Da-, Fu-” as I neared orgasm. We parked at the far end of the lot but I am sure my voice traveled the 100 feet to the path frequented my joggers, dogs, and their walkers – and I could have cared less.

Jeremy was relentless. I wanted to run but instead I tried backing up against the door. He grabbed my legs, pulled me back towards him, and held me down – it turned me on even more. My clit was at his mercy. He flicked it, sucked it. Punished me and drowned me in ecstasy. This man was making me lose my mind. I begged, yes, I so strongly against exposing ANY traces of effect on me by others, begged. I begged him to stop and pleaded for him to continue. He was enjoying this. There is no question I came; the only question is how many times?

“I fucking hate you,” I whispered as he finally eased up. I wish I had kept my mouth shut.

His eyes said “oh really?” as he eased his fingers into me. He fingered the shit out of me. I arched my back and let him – I am not sure I had much of a choice either way. “Turn over” he grumbled in the same fucking bass. I hated that bass. He was enjoying this. He lapped up my juices; it was not hard since he had me flowing.


It was my turn. I balanced his dick on my tongue as I slid the length of it into my mouth. He groaned and tilted his head back. I felt his dick jerk canlı poker oyna as it slid in and out of my mouth. It was hot. His hand came down hard on my ass, grabbing it as he moved two fingers towards my wet pussy. I moaned on his dick. His fingers rubbed against my swollen clit as his fingers disappeared into me. I pushed his dick further into my mouth until the tip rested against the back of my throat as he fingered me. I could feel his dick vibrate as I moaned. He groaned with pleasure. His affect on me was intoxicating. He began fingering me harder, plunged into me faster and faster. I could not focus any longer, slid his dick out of my mouth, and gasped as I felt my pussy get hot. I was reaching my climax once more and my extra-sensitive pussy made it worse. I arched my back.

“Whose pussy is it?” He asked as he lowered his mouth near my ear.

“Mine.” I did not want to give him the satisfaction.

“Amirah, whose pussy is it?” he repeated as those two fingers pushed me closer and closer to bliss.

“Ya-Ya-Yours!” I felt the tension release and my legs fall limp.


I gasped as he slowly slid it in. He eased his dick into me until I felt him rest against my ass. He started thrusting in and out. I was so wet and felt him sliding against me. The car was getting hot and the A/C was not doing much now. I looked behind me at him as he took off his shirt. I bit my lip and looked him up and down. I moaned each time he hit my wall. His hands moved up and down my back, then rested on my breasts as he cupped and squeezed them. I bit my thumb to contain myself, a futile attempt as I felt my pussy get hot again and then a sense of release as I came all over him. He groaned and pulled out. He had to regroup or else lose to me. He caught his breath and plunged back into me. He sawed in and out of me, harder, and faster. He was fucking the air out of my lungs.

I turned over onto my back. He did not hesitate to hit my spot again. You know the one. The one that internet casino sends a tingle to your everywhere, the sensation you never want to end. I moved my hands across his chest and gripped his arms. They became tense each time he lowered himself into me. My head was hitting the door but I could care less. He was fucking me senseless. I did not know what to do with myself, what do with this unbearable pleasure. I gasped as I pulled out and I heard him coming behind me. He grunted as cum ejected from the tip of his sensitive dick, I laughed as it squirted out.

I lay there biting my bottom as my legs shook. He moved forwards and laid his head on my bare chest. I put my arm around him and held his face. I was slightly panting and still sensitive. My nipples perked up when he shifted his head. His hands found their way to my still dripping wet pussy and again those two fingers disappeared within me.

I had become even more sensitive. He was still relentless. He finger fucked him as I moaned “no, no, no, no.” I did not mean it – well – my pussy did not. He rubbed his finger against my exposed clit; it drove me crazy and made my body involuntarily jump.

“I’m-I’m-I’m-I’m” I stuttered.

I felt my body exploded.

“I came” I sighed.

I thought it was over but he was not.

His fingers penetrated repeatedly. They flicked against my pussy. His hands transcribed all the words my body wanted to learn. I could not take it. I moaned louder and louder. I was screaming. I tried pushing his hand away but his free hand grabbed my hand. I temporarily forgot he was much stronger than me and struggled to free my hand. I broke free and tried to push him away from my pussy again. I could not take it. I felt my pussy swell. He growled at my hand and I complied. I hated that bass, even in a growl. Resisting was futile as my body arched as I peaked again. I sighed and he pulled his fingers out. He looked back at me and smiled.

I cried out “you win, you win, you win, you win” so many times that day I didn’t have to say it again but I did.

I breathed out “you win” one last time and then closed my eyes. I let my legs shake, and felt my orgasm travel throughout my body.

He won.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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