Howl at the Moon

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When I was a freshman in college, I had a crush on a guy at school named Dan. He was on the football team. Some of the guys on the team were going camping one weekend and Dan invited me to go along. Now, any girl should have known not to go camping with 5 guys, but I was not just any girl – and I was always ready for an adventure.

On the drive up to the mountains, Dan and I laid in the back of one of the other guy’s trucks, under several blankets, making out. Dan and I did nothing but kiss and snuggle on the way to the campsite – a little light petting. But, by the time we got up into the mountains, I was hot, wet, and throbbing.

The guy driving, Kevin, parked the truck and waved for Ricky and Marc to come on into the campsite. Kevin then uncovered Dan and me and grinned at our flushed appearance. Dan jumped out of the truck and helped Kevin unpack the food as Marc and Ricky rolled the keg out of the back of the other truck. Being the only girl, I felt it was my duty to supervise as the guys got the camp set up and started the fire. As the sun began to set, Dan came over to where I was sitting and handed me a hot dog and then joined me as I ate. We sat and flirted and giggled as the other guys joked around.

Kevin came and sat on the other side of me and dropped his arm around my shoulder, joining me and Dan in our conversation. Ricky said there was loud music coming from a campsite nearby and he was going to check it out. Glaring at me, he stalked off into the woods. (I found out years later that Ricky was gay and had a crush on Kevin at the time.)

Marc grinned at the three of us sitting on that fallen log and began to get a bunch of sleeping bags out of the back of the trucks. He unzipped them and made a large bed of them near the fire. Then he flopped down and slipped his shoes off. He propped his head up on his entwined hands and looked at the three of us. He asked if were cold sitting over there and wouldn’t we like to join him? I giggled (beer always makes me giggle) and said “what about it guys? you think we should?”

Kevin said something about Marc looking lonely and that maybe we should join him. Dan, who was a REALLY big guy picked me up and carried me over to the nest of sleeping bags. He laid me down next to Marc and then flopped down beside me. Kevin just grinned and sat down at my feet. I laughed and asked if we wouldn’t be cold without poker oyna a sleeping bag covering us? Dan snuggled in closer to me and said they would keep me warm, letting his hand drift across my chest.

I grinned and reached one hand out for Dan and the other out for Marc lying next to me, bringing their bodies in closer to mine. Dan began to kiss me and Marc began to nibble on my ear and neck. Pretty soon I was squirming from the sensations they were producing. Then I felt hot breath on my midriff as Kevin crawled up my body, lifting my shirt as he went.

Kevin stopped as he uncovered my bra, happily discovering it had a front clasp. He quickly unclasped it, setting my tits free to bounce in the night air. I gasped as Kevin’s mouth closed on my right nipple and his hand closed over my left breast.

As Kevin continued to stimulate my breasts, I felt Dan and Marc shift away from me. I opened my eyes to find the two of them shedding clothes as quickly as if they were competing for the world’s record. Dan finished first and lay down next to me once again, and I could feel the strength in his muscular body snuggled up tight against me. I gasped as he placed one hand under my neck, causing my head to fall backward slightly and my neck to arch. He then began to lick and nibble the sensitive flesh he had just exposed. Marc was slower and by the time he finished removing all of his clothing, Kevin had moved up to take his spot on my right side.

Undaunted, Marc knelt between my legs and began removing my shoes and socks, then my jeans and panties. The cool night air felt amazing on my wet slit as Marc spread my legs. Sighing happily, Marc curled up between my legs and began licking my clit. I groaned and raised my hips to allow him better access to my wet cunt. I could feel his grin against my pussy lips just before his tongue darted out and dipped into my pussy, tasting the juices that had gathered there.

Kevin meanwhile was shedding clothes as he continued to play with my nipples. As soon as he was naked, he lay back down next to me an applied his tongue and teeth to my hard nips. The sensations these three guys were causing me to experience had my head spinning. My whole body was squirming under the onslaught and if I had had the breath, I would have howled at the full moon shining through the trees.

Dan growled in my ear telling me what a sexy slut I canlı poker oyna looked like lying there in the moonlight. He said he wanted me to suck his cock. I moaned and begged him to stick his hard cock in my mouth, to please let me suck him. He immediately knelt next to my head and I turned toward him and sucked his cock into my mouth. He tasted amazing, with pre-come dripping off the throbbing head of his penis. I licked the pre-come off of him and then quickly pulled as much of Dan’s cock into my mouth as I could. It was hard to get much movement as I sucked him because of the awkward position of my head and so Dan began to fuck my mouth while my tongue swirled around his thrusting cock.

Shortly after I began to suck Dan, I felt a cool breeze touch my sopping pussy as Marc moved away. Kevin, never one to miss an opportunity, quickly moved between my legs and shoved his cock into me. I gasped around Dan’s thrusting pole and arched my back as Kevin began to fuck me in earnest. Kevin did not have the largest cock I had ever felt, but he had this way of rolling his hips as he thrust that soon had me teetering on the brink of an orgasm.

Suddenly Dan groaned loudly and grabbed my head, thrusting his cock deep into my mouth. His cock pulsed as he came, shooting his come into my throat in spurts. I swallowed as much as I could, the rest running down my face and neck.

Kevin, excited by seeing his friend come in my mouth, began to thrust harder and faster. I moaned as Dan slipped his cock from my mouth and Kevin began to pound into me like a jackhammer. Just as I was about to come, Kevin’s body went rigid and I felt his cock spurting inside me. Kevin groaned then and slipped from between my legs.

Wanting more, I quickly sat up to find Marc standing off to one side, stroking his cock. I grinned at him and asked him to please come fuck me with that thing. Marc grinned back and did not hesitate to come join me on the sleeping bags. He slipped his cock into me and began to thrust, but he had apparently had too much beer as his cock would not stay hard. Finally, frustrated, he slipped from between my legs and lay down next to me. I reached my hand down and began rubbing his semi-erect cock gently. He kissed me and grinned as Dan came back from the keg.

Dan was hard again and wasted no time in shoving his cock into my unsatisfied pussy. He did not have the same internet casino technique as Kevin, but his cock was bigger and rubbed all the right places. Dan knelt between my legs as he fucked me and grabbed my ass, lifting me half off the blankets. This angle of my hips allowed Dan to use his incredible strength to fuck me harder than I had ever been fucked before. His cock felt so good – he would draw back, almost all the way out and then slam himself back inside me, hard. Pretty soon I was screaming as I finally came. My back arched, but my hips did not move an inch, held in Dan’s vise -like grip. He continued to pound into me as I came, and a few minutes later I felt his cock begin to throb as he came deep inside me.

Marc had moved back slightly and was once again stroking his own cock as he watched me and Dan. As Dan moved from between my legs, I rolled over and took Marc’s cock into my mouth. I licked the sensitive underside of his penis and then sucked on the head. Marc groaned as his hard-on returned full-force. I continued to suck on Marc while kneeling on all fours, my ass in the air.

Kevin, seeing another golden opportunity, knelt behind me and stuck his cock in my pussy again. His technique from behind, with him rolling his hips, felt even more incredible than it had before. As he began to fuck me in earnest, and his balls started slapping my clit, I came again. I moaned into Marc’s pubic hair as my orgasm washed through me, and I shoved my ass back at Kevin as he continued to thrust into me.

As soon as I was able I once again began to suck on Marc, sliding my mouth up and down on his now rock-hard shaft. It did not take long before Marc’s cock exploded, sending his hot come down my throat. It tasted wonderful – different from Dan’s, a little sweeter.

Marc collapsed onto the sleeping bags and I was free to concentrate on Kevin’s amazing thrusting behind me. I began to thrust back at him as he fucked me, and this sent Kevin over the edge. He growled as he came, shoving his cock hard into me and grabbing onto my hips.

I sighed happily as Kevin slid his cock from my now tired pussy and lay down next to Marc, who was already half asleep. Dan returned with the last two sleeping bags from the truck and lay down on my other side, covering me, himself and Marc with the warm blankets.

We slept the sleep of the deeply satisfied and woke to the rising of the sun and the corresponding rise of the two guys’ cocks tangled in the blankets with me. I have no idea where Kevin slept or where he was the next morning when Marc finally fucked me as I sucked Dan’s hard cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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