My Very Personal Maid Ch. 6

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Betsy and I met Jeanne at the train station on Friday afternoon. This would give us the weekend together, before I had to go back to school, and Betsy to work. She looked as ravishing as when we had last seen her. We all kissed decorously and hugged in the train station.

We took her to our flat and she liked it at once. We helped her settle in into the spare bedroom. We talked and laughed. We mentioned Sue in passing, and told her that she would be by shortly, and take us all to dinner. Sue had heard so much about her, she was anxious to meet her. We did not let a word about our sexual relationship out. Sue was just a friend who happened to be Betsy’s boss, and friend as well.

Sue arrived at the appointed time, and she and Jeanne seemed to take an instant attraction to each other. Before we could arrive at the restaurant the two were laughing and talking like old friends. Betsy and I winked and grinned in relief.

The dinner was superb. The conversation sparkling, with Jeanne and her delightful French accent, the center of conversation. She and Sue seemed made for each other. It was Sue who brought up the sexual relationship. We were seated at a table in the corner away from other diners, but still kept our conversation somewhat cryptic.

“I understand you brought some interesting erotic items with you from France. Did you have any problems with customs?” Sue asked Jeanne.

Jeanne looked at Betsy and me. I nodded to her. “I see our friends have told you of our erotic relationship.” Jeanne said with typical French frankness. “No problems, my luggage was not searched as I had hoped it would be. I would be delighted to see how your staid British Customs officials would ‘handle’ these items. Would they have to ask their purpose?” Jeanne said with a mischievous grin that had us all laughing.

“While you are here, I have a gentleman who can make you a new harnesses for the delightful items. I assure you it will personally give you much pleasure, as Betsy and Diana will attest. I shall let you try it out and see if you approve.” Sue told Jeanne, her hand resting on her arm.

“She is too modest, she is the inventor, if you will of this new ‘wrinkle’. It presses lightly on a most delightful spot. We have personally received much satisfaction from it, and highly recommend it.” I told Jeanne.

“You have my curiosity very much aroused, among other things. I can hardly wait to try this ‘new wrinkle’ out. Then I perceive that you are in the ‘sisterhood’?” She asked turning to Sue.

“Yes, they must relate their wonderful plan that they used to lure me into their delightful clutches, yet be assured that I was the one compromised, and thus assure my silence. My husband does not know of my proclivities toward the fairer sex. Diana, was protecting her reputation, a very admirable point. She made two mistakes and I caught onto their delightful game.” Sue said eyes sparkling with humor.

“They must tell me in most intimate detail. I assume they told you of our erotic delights in Paris, and in the French countryside.” Jeanne asked.

“Yes, that and meeting you in person, told me you were a woman of taste and integrity. That is why I let you know of my relationship with them. They both think very highly of you. We seem to have kindred spirits. I had a very good first impression of you. I pride myself on my character evaluation. I am seldom wrong.

“You have before you two ladies that have given you very high marks for character, as well as talents, that, I am most anxious to sample. They have described these talents in very glowing terms. Ladies shall we adjourn to your flat and sample the delights of true French cuisine?” Sue asked. We all laughed at her double-entendre.

In Sue’s coach Jeanne and Sue sat close together talking softly, but Sue seemed to do most of the talking. From her nods at us and the laughter we assumed that she was telling Jeanne of our plan to draw her into our net. Jeanne laughed delightfully, and reached over and patted my knee. By the time we got to the flat they were kissing and nuzzling softly like two lovers of long standing. We were absolutely delighted.

Sue gave her driver instructions to return at midnight and gave him several coins and told him to have several pints on her. After he left she told us that that would assure his silence, for her husband forbid him to drink when he took her out.

We went into the flat and I broke open a bottle of some of the best French champagne I had brought with us from France. I had obtained some ice, and iced several bottles down before we left, and it was cold and bubbly. We toasted each other and our long friendship. We had all had wine with our meal, and all but Jeanne seemed to feel no pain. We pulled down all of the blinds and proceeded to take off all of our clothes in the sitting room.

Sue and Jeanne immediately moved together and began to kiss. Betsy and I moved to one side, and cuddled watching the two beautiful women together. Jeanne was poker oyna as taken with Sue’s fantastic body as we were. She murmured her admiration as she kissed and stroked Sue’s splendid body. Jeanne’s body drew much praise from Sue, and she returned the strokes and kisses.

We let them kiss and caress for a long while, then took them by the hand and led them to our large bed. For the special night, I had put new black satin sheets on the bed. When the two lay down on it they were a wonderful contrast to its black sheen. Betsy and I moved on each side of them and watched and reached out to caress their bodies.

They took their time kissing and fondling each other. Betsy and I both slipped a finger down to our own pussies and lightly stroked our clitties teasing them. They were in no hurry, and slowly brought their passions upward. With just a look, they turned and slid into a 69.

Jeanne slid under Sue and pulled her on top. Sue dropped her mouth down and as Jeanne spread her lovely thighs, began to lick her new found friend’s rosy pussy. Jeanne raised her head and lapped at Sue’s perfect rose center. I heard Sue moan a moment later, as she found Jeanne’s large swollen clitty, and Jeanne gasped as Sue sucked the large clitty between her talented lips.

The room was quiet except for the sighs and little sucking noises, as the two beautiful women make love. Betsy and I watched, and stroked their bodies and our own aching clitties. We watched Sue slide two fingers inside Jeanne, and from her placement, knew she was reaching for the spot that Daisy had discovered.

Jeanne’s body jerked, and she cried out as Sue stroked her hidden spot, and sucked and licked her clitty rapidly. A moment later she came explosively, her body shaking, and her head coming up from Sue’s pussy. She cried out as she came, her beautiful face distorted with passion. Her head bowed back and a sheen of sweat broke out on her body. She must have climaxed three or four times before Sue stopped her passionate kisses and caresses. Jeanne went limp atop Sue and we two rolled her over. Her face was one of astonishment. We let her catch her breath.

“My God, you wonderful woman, what did you do to me? I never felt anything like it in my life. What did you do?” Jeanne asked, her face one of delightful puzzled astonishment. .

Sue kissed her slowly, and we three related what Daisy had discovered. She said she had felt it fleetingly a few times, but not long enough for her to isolate the feeling it produced. She asked us why we had not shown it to her when we made love to her in France. Betsy and I looked at each other, and said we had not thought of it then. We pleaded that she was such a wonderfully talented lover, and such a beautiful women, we had just not thought of it. She good-naturedly accepted our flattering answer.

She realized that she had not finished making love to Sue. She pushed Sue back, and returned to making love to her beautiful body. She slid between Sue’s spread thighs and licked her thighs while her fingers pulled at Sue’s outer lips and slid inside her.

Betsy and I moved to Sue, and we each took a breast, fondled, licked and sucked her nipples. With Jeanne sucking and finger fucking her, she quickly climaxed, particularly when Jeanne slid her fingers deep into her pussy and found the magic spot and rubbed it. Sue cried out her passion as three women make love to her beautiful body.

Her hips thrust up toward Jeanne’s mouth and her cries filled the room. Jeanne’s mouth covered her pussy and her fingers slid in and out. She led Sue from one climax to the other. I almost came just watching the exciting erotic spectacle. Jeanne slid her fingers out and licked Sue’s red pussy for a long time. She slid up and we all kissed each other.

“You, my Lovely Lady, have a very juicy pussy. It literally dripped your love juices. I can not remember one so juicy, or so tasty.” Jeanne told Sue, her voice low and filled with passion.

“Thank you, you beautiful temptress! It must have been your wonderful French lovemaking. I thought I would explode. You are a very talented lover. I am so glad Diana and Betsy met you. Your fingers inside did indeed hit the magic spot. Diana, do you think that is the reason my pussy was so juicy?” Sue asked turning to me.

“That well may be. I know when I make love to Betsy, and do not rub that spot, she does not produce near as much of her delicious love juice. When I do, she is a veritable fountain. I wonder if every woman has a spot that feels so good? I imagine most women do not know of it. Do all women know they have a clitoris?” I asked looking at Sue and Jeanne.

I brought more of the champagne in, and we sat on the bed for a while talking, and sipping the wonderful French wine. We had a long discussion, that seemed to say that many women never know that they have a clitty that could give them so much pleasure.

“I had a friend who I visited for a while.” Sue related. “We shared a room with twin beds. One night canlı poker oyna when I thought Bonnie was asleep I began to play with my sex and during my climax got a little too noisy. After I had finished Bonnie said she wished she could bring herself off like that. I asked if she rubbed her clitoris. She did not know what I was talking about.

Bonnie was eighteen at the time. I went over to her bed and pulled up my night gown and showed her my clitoris. She pulled her gown up and I told her how to rub it and excite it. She played with it for several minutes and I showed her how to make it slide out of its sheath. She had a rather large clitoris and with a little instruction from me she soon had her first real climax. She was ecstatic.”

“And did you make wonderful love with her?” Jeanne asked.

“Alas, no. She had a very proper upbringing and ‘self abuse’ was as far as she was willing to go. She would bring herself off three or four times a night though, while I was there. She kept me awake quite a few nights.” Sue laughed. “I did join her in masturbation though, from my own bed! Bonnie later married and has four lovely children, and evidently a very happy marriage. She never mentioned it again, unfortunately.” Sue said with a deep sigh. We all laughed at her exasperation.

“I had a similar experience.” Jeanne said. “One of my married friends told me that sex with her husband did nothing for her. I asked if she masturbated, and she said she had never done that. She had a very strict Catholic upbringing, and it was strictly forbidden. Her mother had warned her that fingers would rot off it she touched herself there, and she would surely go to Hell. Her sexual feelings was totally repressed.

“We had a long talk and I convinced her that her mother was wrong and that masturbation was wonderful and very healthy. She asked if I would show her how. Of course I told her that that was impossible!?” Jeanne laughed.

“I invited her to my home one day when my husband was gone. I plied her with good French wine, naturally, and got her in a very mellow mood.

“I ran a hot bath for her and put fragrant oils and perfumes in it. She got in it and I lit candles and we drank more wine. I undressed and let her get used to seeing me naked. I bathed her body avoiding being blatantly aggressive, just a caress here and there, as if by accident. I toweled her off and led her to the bedroom. I had lit candles and pulled down the blinds. I had her lie down and I lay down on the bed beside her. I told her to do as I did, and slowly ran my hands over my body telling her to do the same, and just experience the feelings that it brought. . “I had her explore her body slowly, caressing it. You can imagine, I wished to make love to her beautiful body. She followed my every caress. She was soon feeling her passion rise. I let my fingers explore my pussy and she did the same. I told her to find her clitoris and stroke it. She tried and said she could not find it. Naturally I offered to find it for the poor woman. I parted her pussy lips and found her clitoris to be very small. I wet my finger and rolled it around and around. She told me that it felt very good. “Naturally I did not ask if she wanted me to stop. I continued to roll and rub it gently until she had a violent climax. When she had recovered, she told me that it was the first she had ever had a climax in her entire life. I asked if her husband ever kissed her on her pussy, and she said he did not. I told her that it was a pleasure not to be missed. She asked if I had been kissed there, and I told her I had, by men and women. She seemed shocked at that.

“I told her to think of her pussy lips as just another pair of delightful lips that could be kissed. She blushed prettily and asked if I minded if I brought her to another climax. I kissed her lips gently and told her it would be my pleasure. I moved down and began to play with her small clitoris. I rolled it slowly and bent and kissed her thighs. She moaned when I did. I played with her clitoris for a long time, teasing it. Finally she asked in a faint timid voice if I would kiss her there.

“I told her I would be happy to be the first to kiss her lovely sex. I got between her soft thighs, and very reluctantly preceded to kiss not only her sweet clitoris but her delicious pussy as well. I was glad no one was home for she screamed when she climaxed. I imagine the neighbors thought I was having a very wild sexual encounter, as I have been known to be very vocal during sex.

“She could not thank me enough afterward. I purposely did not pursue it further, but a week later she came back, and this time we did make love. I taught her to let herself go, and soon after that she had her first climax with her husband. She insisted that her kiss her pussy and clitoris. “When he asked her were she learned that, she told him it was with another woman. Being a Frenchman, he wanted to include me in their lovemaking, something she refused. She and I still make love. Her husband approves internet casino as does mine. It improved her love life very much.

“Now her husband is very happy with her. She tells him the intimate details of our lovemaking, but never has told him who I am. So you see many women apparently do not know, or too afraid to try to find their pleasure center.” Jeanne said finishing her erotic story.

We all agreed that many women probably did not know they even had a clitoris. We had been sipping wine, and the conversation had naturally aroused our passions. Betsy and I had not had a climax so we asked Jeanne and Sue to make love to us with the dildos. They readily agreed.

Since Jeanne had not tried the new dildo harnesses, we got them out and put one on her and Sue. She was very pleased with their fit and comfort. Betsy and I lay down and Jeanne mounted Betsy and Sue and I paired off. They kissed and caressed us till we were begging them to fuck us. They slid the dildos into us and quickly had us moaning and writhing in ecstasy.

Jeanne was ecstatic with the harness and she had a very vocal climax, joining Betsy as she came. Sue brought me to a very intense climax, riding high and pressing the dildo against my sensitive spot. She too had a climax just after I did.

“That is the first climax I have ever had while using the dildo on a woman. I have used them many times with my friends but this is wonderful. It pressed so well, and just the right amount of pressure on my clitoris. Sue, you are truly a genius.” Jeanne said kissing Sue. “I wish to meet this man who makes them for you. I wish to take at least half a dozen back with me to France. All my lady friends will want one. Diane had told me of the harness, but to try it is fantastic.” Jeanne gushed. We all laughed with her, and her enthusiasm.

Nothing would do but for her to use it on Sue. We helped Sue take her harness off, and kissed and caressed her till she was ready again for a climax. This time Jeanne got behind her and mounted her from the rear. We sat and watched as she used her practiced, and knowledgeable thrusts to thoroughly fuck Sue’s lovely body. She moved her hips to ride against Sue’s magic spot. She timed it so that they both came at the same moment. Betsy and I watched fascinated at the two beautiful women fucking so erotically.

We drank more wine and talked. Too quickly the time ran out and Sue had to leave. She invited us all to her home the next day for luncheon. Afterward we would all show Jeanne the sights of Cambridge, and the surrounding countryside.

After Sue left, Jeanne could not thank Betsy and I enough for introducing her to Sue. We told her that we both thought highly of her, and Sue, and had thought that the two wonderful women had so much in common. We were thrilled that they had been so congenial, and attracted to each other sexually.

As much sexual activity as we had enjoyed, Jeanne wound up making passionate love to Betsy and I. She said she could not think of a better way to thank us. Neither could we. We fell asleep, all three nestled happily together in our bed.

The next morning we crowded into the shower and there was much giggling and fingers playfully wandering into delightful hollows and on slippery hills.

We dressed casually for luncheon at Sue’s. Her carriage picked us up, and Jeanne was thrilled by the sights. I had the driver take us by the University so Jeanne could see it. We arrived at Sue’s large lovely house, set back on a large wooded lot. Sue’s servants welcomed us, and showed us into to the large well appointed parlor.

Sue’s husband was there, and greeted Betsy and I very cordially. Jeanne seemed to take his breath away, and Betsy and I were amused by his unusually clumsy greeting to the French visitor. Sue could not help but notice, and rolled her eyes when he became overly effusive toward Jeanne, after overcoming his lapse of aplomb. Jeanne returned his attention after an aside wink to Sue. We all enjoyed the show that Jeanne put on for him, and our benefit. She soon had him literally eating out of her hand, and almost panting.

The luncheon was in the sumptuous back yard. Sue’s kitchen staff had spared no effort, and the tables were set with all kinds of delicious food and drink. We had eaten a very light breakfast and were all famished. We managed to do credit to the food, and had a delightful meal. Mr. Mason could not do enough for Jeanne, making sure her plate and glass were always full. The poor man made an utter ass of himself.

Jeanne made it a point to add to his discomfiture. She bent over giving him tantalizing glimpses of her well shaped bosom, and her shapely ankles. Sue and I had to turn around several times to keep from openly laughing. Sue took this in good-naturedly, knowing Jeanne was just playing with her husband. None of us could miss the growing bulge in his trousers.

Sue finally put a stop to it by ‘accidentally’ spilling a whole pitcher of iced lemonade in his lap, sending him into the house to change his pants. We all had to bite our lips to keep from howling with laughter. The maids had noticed, and suppressed giggles at the turn their mistress had done to the master.

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