Alicia’s Desires Ch. 02

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NOTE: For the full effect of this story, you must first read Chapter I(Alicia’s Desires).

As each button of Alicia’s shorts came undone, I was drooling more expectantly. The mere thought of such an encounter with my beautiful, sexy cousin had only begun a day earlier and here I was watching her sexily stripping after receiving the most awesome blowjob of my life. I drank in every ounce of flesh revealed to me with a thirst yet unknown.

At that moment, I heard a sound that startled me to my innermost being: keys in the door! Thank goodness, it automatically locks! Alicia scrambled into the bathroom with her clothes in hand and I pulled mine on just as the door opened. My roommate was out of town so I had no idea who was entering my house. Therefore, one can imagine my shock to see his mother and younger sister entering the living room.

My roomie’s mother explained that they had stopped by to grab his laundry as a surprise for him upon his return. Thinking I was alone in the house, his sister started to open the bathroom door. I quickly stopped her, explaining that my cousin, Alicia, was visiting and was in there, changing for a swim. All thoughts of Bill’s mom believing that were quickly forgotten when I saw her looking me up and down. It was at this point that I realized my shirt was on inside out and I still had not lost my erection.

Alicia, upon hearing my excuse, exited the bathroom. Her hair was a mess and she was bright red. It seems that she had forgotten her shirt when she made her mad dash bursa escort bayan for the bathroom. She entered the living room in her shorts and entirely too small bikini top. The look on her face was a dead giveaway that we had been up to something. I was just hoping that they would get the laundry and leave, but they decided to stay and clean the apartment. Looking back, I think that his mom knew what she had interrupted and found it amusing.

With no other alternative, Alicia and I excused ourselves and went for a swim. It took several minutes in the cold water of the pool for my erection to subside. It didn’t help that Alicia made every opportunity to entice me even further.

We never got a chance to finish what we had started that day. I spent the next two days trying to figure a way to be alone with her. I masturbated constantly, dreaming of touching that body that had enticed me so.

My brother and I were supposed to go fishing at a nearby river and spend the weekend at a friend’s cabin. I decided to invite Alicia along and was hoping that we could find some alone time. She readily accepted and we left on Friday night to meet my brother and his sons for the weekend.

During the 2 hour drive, Alicia continuously played with my cock, fondling, kissing and sucking it until I was about ready to explode. She would stop when I was on the verge of coming and no matter what I said, she would not bring me to release. When I tried to pull over and find a secluded spot, she told gorukle escort me to wait as she wanted our first time to be somewhere other than a rest area on the side of the road.

We finally arrived at the cabin. I had intentionally arrived about 2 hours before my brother was to show, hoping to ravage my temptress cousin. We immediately entered the cabin and attacked one another. Clothes were flying at record speed as neither of us could wait any longer for what we had been denied that first day.

Taking control, I threw her onto one of the beds and began kissing her entire body. I couldn’t get enough of her soft skin on my lips. I tantalizingly caressed every inch of her fantastic form as she writhed beneath me. As I lovingly sucked on those tender, pink nipples, she came for the first time form my touch. Knowing that I could illicit that much pleasure for her only excited me further. I wanted this to be the most memorable experience of her life and mine as well. I inched my way downward, not missing a spot to caress and nibble. She pulled at my hair and begged for more, screaming in pleasure.

Her neatly shaven cunt beckoned to me, glistening with her juices. As soon as I touched her swollen clit with my tongue, another orgasm began. I licked it slowly and methodically, prolonging her pleasure. As her orgasm began to subside, I switched my attentions to her virginal cunt. I lapped at the perfect lips and inserted my tongue as far as it would go. Her walls were squeezing bursa merkez escort bayan so hard as I worked it in and out very slowly. Her juices were flowing copiously from her, coating my face as she came once again.

Wanting more, Alicia begged for me to take her virginity. She writhed and panted that she wanted my stiff cock inside her. My cock was harder and larger than it had ever or has ever been as I positioned myself at her entrance. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she pleaded with me to enter her. Knowing that it was going to be painful, she pulled my hand to her mouth and bit down on two of my fingers. I slowly started to insert the head, finding more resistance than I had ever imagined.

As the head of my engorged 8 inch cock pushed past her hymen, she screamed with pain. I stopped, allowing her to regain her composure and get used to the size of my manhood. I had not noticed until that moment that she had bitten my fingers so hard that blood trickled down her chin and was soaking the pillow. At this point, I didn’t care. All I wanted to do was please this woman and enjoy all the pleasure she was giving me.

I slowly began thrusting in and out, deeper and deeper inside of her. When her pain subsided, it was replaced by pure lust. She was thrusting back at me as we both exploded into the most incredible orgasms either of us has felt, before or since. We collapsed into each others arms, lovingly kissing and caressing. We both drifted to sleep with my cock buried in her womanhood.

How long we had slept, neither of us knew, but we were startled awake by the slaaming of car doors. Once again, we were shocked to reality, scrambling for clothing as my brother and his sons approached the door.

To be continued…..

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