Erotic Escapade

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Ah, France… Home to ancient medieval cities, alpine villages, Mediterranean beaches, and the iconic Eiffel Tower. Deep into the heart of Paris, the “city of love” and the popular capital of the famed country, Tyler and Mike have temporarily taken residence in one of their prized, luxurious and quite extravagant hotels, along with Dylan who recently came over for a little visit…




“I’ve been putting in the hours for this like it’s a part-time job of mine, and not a single man I’ve encountered is worth my time…” Dylan groaned while clicking through a dating website.

He turned his head and frowned at Tyler for a few moments as he was reading a novel about ghosts while lying on a couch in the living room.

“Tyler, get out. You’re giving me unlucky vibes by simply being here.” Dylan soon spoke as he pointed a finger towards the door.

Tyler poked his head out from inside of the book, turning his own head sharply before giving Dylan a nasty look.

“Bitch, I live here. Don’t talk that shit to me.” he snapped back.

“And you’re hogging the computer, that I so politely gave up so you could then realize that no man thinks you’re worth their time.”

“Hmph. Not that you were doing anything important on it yourself…” Dylan countered as he scrolled through Tyler’s search history.

“ghosts”, “how to properly fuck a ghost”, “where to find horny ghosts”, “nine-tailed foxes”, “ghosts”, “the secret behind the luminescent soul dick”, “how to contain your anus when it’s the size of a universe”…”

“That is important stuff, though.” Tyler huffed with annoyance, folding his arms as Dylan gave him a blank stare.

“They seem more aligned with your backwards fetish fantasies to me…” Dylan thought aloud.

“There’s a difference, you uncultured dumbfuck, and shouldn’t you be getting back to your social sob story?” Tyler suggested as he stood up from his spot.

“Whatever you wanna call it, as if you’re better off yourself!” Dylan called out as he swirled back on his chair to face the computer again.

“Hm.” Tyler smirked as Mike suddenly entered the kitchen dressed in a lime-green and white t-shirt along with a pair of dark-blue shorts.

“Oh, hey Tyler.” he simply greeted him as he opened the fridge, bending down to reach the bottom drawer.

Tyler merely glanced back to see Dylan frowning upon the realization that Tyler and Mike were practically in a close friendship/relationship themselves.

Turning back with a smug look on his face, Tyler walked up to Mike and answered:

“Heyyy, baaabe” in an overly exaggerated tone before pinching his butt lightly.

Mike ignored his questionable gesture as he brought out what he needed before shutting the fridge door.

“So… what’s up?” he asked casually while pouring himself a glass of OJ.

“Oh, nothing really… I’m just sooo happy to see my bae!” Tyler happily responded as he pressed himself up against Mike from behind; pulling him into a tight hug that almost caused the glass he was drinking from to drop out of his hand.

“Uh… I’m happy to see you too?…” a look of slight confusion arose on Mike’s face as he properly set the glass back on the table before releasing himself from the hug.

“Not that we don’t see each other all the time or anything…”

“Yeah, but I can’t help but feel sooo good when you’re around.” Tyler sighed merrily.

“Someone to love, someone to care for, someone to have loads of fun with…”

Dylan couldn’t help but roll his eyes while overhearing Tyler’s little act, catered specifically towards making him jealous.

“Yeah, well I’m in a bit of a hurry today, so I don’t have time to fist your anus or whatever right now.” Mike mentioned as he walked briskly out of the kitchen, grabbing a few essentials along his way.

“Where are you off to in such a hustle? A stripclub?” Tyler joked with a smile.

“I’m just heading to see Robin, nothing fancy.” Mike responded while walking to the door, hardly taking notice of Dylan’s presence from across the room.

“Well, have fun with whatever you’re doing then!” Tyler encouraged.

“Cause I’ll be waiting for your return, you sexy dreamboat…”

He then gave Mike’s ass a firm slap with his right hand, watching it jiggle slightly as he bit his lip with satisfaction.

“Mhm, and if you could be less of a shipwreck by the time I return, that would be great. Mike flatly requested as he opened the door to leave.

“Sure, thing!” Tyler sang as he closed the apartment door upon his leave.

He then started humming to himself as he plopped back onto the couch, looking up at Dylan’s annoyed look with a smug grin on his own face.

“You two get along real nicely, huh?” Dylan interrogated, with a slight hint of sarcasm in his voice.

“You’d best believe that we’re quite the pair, him and I!” Tyler laughed as he stretched his arms out for a moment.

“Like two testicles in a cute, cozy ballsack!”

“Nice.” Dylan simply commented, feeling that anymore remarks about them would encourage Beşiktaş Escort Tyler to boast for even longer than he desired.

“Although…” Tyler’s voice began a more solemn tone.

“He has been quite busy as of late, and I kind of wish that we could spend a bit more time together.”

Dylan turned back to the computer for a moment, glancing at the failed matchups he endured over the past few hours.

“Well, I wish I actually had someone to spend time with…” he then thought to himself.

Dylan looked back at Tyler who was staring at the ceiling at that point, before shifting his eyes downwards until they locked onto a noticeable bulge present on the crotch area of his shorts.

“Well, well… it seems like you’re hiding a little something under there…”

Dylan stared at the rounded “tent” for a few more moments before tearing his eyes away, feeling a bit more aroused at the thought of what was being contained from his view.

“Okay, so we’re clearly stuck with some sort of loss here…” Dylan pondered to himself.

“However, I bet that we could still satisfy each other… I’ll just have to get a little crafty to start…”

“Ugh, sometimes I just wish I had something to slip into while he was away…” Tyler moaned, venting his problematic situation without a care if Dylan was listening or not.

“Or someone…” Dylan thought, indirectly completing Tyler’s sentence.

“Mm, although from the looks of it, you don’t seem to be packing anything worth using.” Dylan teased, as part of his plan.

“Ha. Stop acting like you know shit, because you don’t.” Tyler retorted in response.

“Yeah? Well, I do know that your lil’ limp dick is probably the reason why you’re nothing more than Mike’s pathetic bottom-bitch!” Dylan taunted.


It was only a matter of time before Tyler stood up and slowly walked around to where Dylan was sitting, internally enraged at his biting words, with his maple-brown eyes remaining dead-locked onto his midnight-blacks.

Tyler then placed both of his hands on opposite sides of the chair’s armrests, as his body blocked any exit Dylan had to escape.

“Excuse me?” he hissed while leaning towards Dylan, causing the air between them to become thinner.

Dylan showed no signs of fear, however, as he regained his posture and repeated once more:

“Mike’s. Pathetic. Bottom. Bitch.”

They then stared each other down for a few moments in silence, Tyler’s expression becoming more furious while Dylan’s own expression was a bit more calm and collected, a simple smile present on his face.




“Lil’ limp dick”, huh?” Tyler suddenly broke the silence, with a little smile creeping onto his face as if he suddenly found that insult to be amusing.

He then pulled his body away slightly and stood more upright, giving Dylan more a bit more breathing room… and a front-row seat.

His eyes widened as Tyler unexpectedly slipped down his shorts with ease along with his boxers, soon revealing his remarkably long member that stood erect and throbbing in front of Dylan’s face.

Dylan swallowed hard as he gawked at it’s size, his speechless expression causing Tyler to chuckle with amusement.

“Impressed?” he asked, pressing forward before slapping Dylan’s cheek with it’s length.

“Also, for your information, I ain’t no “bottom-bitch” either… and to prove it…”

Dylan already felt weakened from the sight of Tyler’s member alone, which made it easier for him to be hoisted from the chair and plopped onto a nearby couch.

At the mercy of Tyler’s sexual intentions, practically according to his plan, Dylan felt chills running down his spine as Tyler soon spoke:

“We’re going to have a little “fun”.



As he was pinned down on the sofa, Dylan was forced to endure Tyler’s large member being shoved into his moist, wide-open mouth at a lengthy, repetitive, and consistent rate.

It was nothing Dylan couldn’t handle, given his fairly relaxed expression, although Tyler had proved to possess more control over him as he positioned Dylan’s head in a fixed way so his member could slide in and out of his mouth easily.

“Enjoying yourself? I’ve always thought of having a personal little cum bucket.” Tyler snickered.

Dylan looked up at Tyler and rolled his eyes unambiguously before letting his eyelids droop to a certain extent as if he was falling asleep.

“Bored, already?” Tyler questioned, half-sympathetically, only acting as if he didn’t realise that he was being mocked for his performance.

“Well, I hope your reflexes are in check…”

Dylan’s eyes immediately shot open as Tyler grabbed his head with both of his hands, before forcing his entire member into his mouth, refusing to halt until it was completely inside and stretching halfway down his throat.

Dylan looked up at Tyler in disbelief, only to see a sinister grin forming upon his face.

“Wakey Beşiktaş Escort Bayan wakey, bitch.” he smirked.

Upon those words, he proceeded with his previous actions with more powerful thrusts, causing Dylan to gag and retch from the sudden change of pace. Tears streamed down his cheeks in the process, a common result of gagging, while his eyes almost rolled to the back of his head from the immense amount of power that was inserted into every thrust, which almost became admittedly overwhelming for him.

The warm, smooth and slippery insides of Dylan’s mouth pleasured Tyler to a greater extent than he predicted it would, as he greatly enjoyed the feeling of his member sliding along it’s tongue and squishing against the throat’s tight walls.

“Oooh, I feel a little something coming…” Tyler soon mentioned, feeling the result of enjoying himself for long enough catching up within him.

“A certain creamy, white, and sticky something… that I’m sure you’re going to love…”

Dylan wouldn’t have needed to be Einstein in order to realize what he meant…

“Ahh!… Here it comes, you filthy cum bucket!” Tyler moaned happily.

Dylan’s eyes broadened with slight dismay as Tyler enforced his head to remain in its place as he abruptly stopping his member’s advances… while it remained inside of his throat…

He only had enough time to utter a mere “urk”, before Tyler released a large, hot load of his own “special sauce” down Dylan’s small passageway, filling it to the complete brim until it began to overflow substantially, as a plentiful amount of the creamy liquid eventually began seeping out of the sides of his mouth. Upon noticing, Tyler loosened his grip on Dylan’s head after a few more moments allowing him to slowly fall backwards onto the couch, with Tyler’s member gradually slipping out of his mouth in result.

“You certainly live up to your name!” Tyler chuckled as he jerked himself long enough to squirt onto Dylan’s face a couple times, coating him with a slightly messy facial which he calmly accepted.

“Now, swallow.” Tyler commanded, noticing that Dylan’s opened mouth still contained a large pool of his creamy recipe.

Dylan eyed Tyler with a tiny smile before he tilted his head upwards, sending the substance down with a slightly audible “gulp”, along with a noticeable bulge traveling down his throat indicating that he swallowed the entirety of it.

He licked his lips shortly after, collecting most of the other stray bits of cum with ease.

“Mmm… I’d say that load was almost as large as your tremendous ego, but that claim would hardly put the truth to shame.” Dylan sneered while wiping the rest of the cum off of his face.

“Oh, please… If that load was equivalent to the size of my glorious ego, I would’ve been preparing for your pathetic funeral right about now!” Tyler laughed heartily.

“Drowned in massive pile of a superior being’s semen”. Oh, that would look great on your tombstone; heck, I’d even engrave it there myself if I had to.”

Dylan merely rolled his eyes and chuckled softly in response, pleased that his little plan was working out quite nicely.

“Now, what do you have to say for yourself? I wasted a flawlessly magnificent amount of my seed on you, y’know.” Tyler remarked as he placed his hands on his hips with a stern look on his face.



“I wouldn’t like to be ignor-“

“Shut the fuck up, and slide your thick stick into me like I’m your sexy little slut.”


Dylan rolled over on the couch so he was lying on his stomach, before pulling down his shorts and revealing his perfectly shaped bottom to Tyler’s surprise.

“Enticing?” Dylan smirked as he wiggled and smacked his ass in an alluring manner, causing Tyler’s member to twitch from sudden arousal.

“Well, allow me to satisfy you then… since your little partner seems willing to proceed with some proper filling…”

Dylan’s sultry tone enticed Tyler to eagerly accept his invitation without any further thought, briefly lubricating his stiff erection with saliva before spreading Dylan’s ass apart and lining it up with his tight, puckered entrance…


“Don’t worry, Robin.” Mike reassured him as they were walking along the halls of the grand residence.

“I’ve got the rest of the tools we need to fix your helicopter in my apartment, trust me.”

“Great! Thanks again for helping me.” Robin smiled kindly.

“Heh, I guess JC and I should be more careful when we place it in autopilot…”

“I’m still wondering what caused it to malfunction in the first place.” Mike pondered.

“I’d assume that quite a bit of movement and shaking in the cockpit caused some things to rattle and become slightly loose. Any ideas as to why?”

“…U-um…beats me!” Robin shrugged while laughing nervously, a sudden blush appearing on his face as he looked away momentarily.

“Ah, here we are…” Mike and Robin eventually arrived at the Escort Beşiktaş door to the apartment.

“Just gotta find the keys…”

As Mike rummaged through his pockets, it wasn’t long before Robin took notice of familiar voices coming from inside of the room, prompting him to press his ear against the door and listen closely.

After a few moments, his eyes widened as he heard audible shouts and extensive moaning along with the sound of slapping and pounding against something, in which he then came to realize what exactly was going on.

“…Hey, Mike…” Robin began to ask out of confusion and worry towards what he envisioned.

“Hm?” Mike looked up at him as he finally found the key present in his back pocket after some time.

“You’d say your relationship with Tyler is pretty solid, right? With little to no major conflictions?”

“I’d say so, yeah.” Mike responded with confidence.

“What makes you ask such a question?”



“…Open the door slowly…”


While he was slightly confused from Robin’s unexpected choice of words, Mike slipped the key into the keyhole and turned it clockwise before reaching for the doorknob, before slowly opening the apartment door only a mere sliver wide as Robin advised.


Mike stared in complete and utter disbelief as he witnessed Tyler passionately drilling deep into Dylan’s tight ass with repetitive thrusts of restless energy, his hands clenching Dylan’s for improved leverage while Dylan gripped the couch tightly as he responded with vehement moans of pleasure. The sofa creaked and rocked violently with their exaggerated movements, resulting in cushions falling off and apparel becoming misplaced. Small beads of sweat were present on their unclothed bodies from the lengthy period of time they spent together, yet, unrestrained and shameless lust motivated them to continue their excessively sexual actions, completely unaware that they were being observed from a distance.

“Ha!, mmm!… Is that…Ahh!… the best… you’ve got… Nngh!… buddy?!” Dylan taunted Tyler in between breaths and moans, momentarily looking back at him with a smug look on his face.

“If you can’t…Ohh!… even please…Mm!… a horny slut like me!… Ahh, fuck!… Mike would be… sooo disappointed in you!”


“Not that I already am or anything…” Mike mumbled to himself.


Upon hearing those words, Tyler progressed to pounding him much harder than before. “Oh… how dare I almost disappoint you…” Tyler grinned as he smacked and groped Dylan’s ass with delight, causing him to let out a provocative moan of pleasure. He yanked roughly on his thick, jet-black hair shortly afterwards, with Dylan letting out a sharp cry as Tyler tilted his body backwards until he was a bit more upright. As he was tugging with one hand, he allowed his other hand to traverse along Dylan’s warm, supple skin, feeling around his chest until he grazed his sensitive and erect nipples before taking the time to rub and pinch them; adding onto the effect, he leaned his head forward to kiss and suck on his neck profoundly before biting down abruptly, provoking Dylan to draw in a sudden, sharp breath from the mixture of pain and pleasure he was undergoing. Tyler used Dylan’s current position to his advantage for a while, with his inward thrusts becoming more frequent as their bodies drew closer to each other.


“Aren’t we going to interrupt them?” Robin suggested as Mike and him viewed the spectacle for a while.

“Oh, I’d rather not.” Mike responded simply as his eyes narrowed.

“I’d like something to talk about during breakfast time tomorrow…”


After a few more minutes, Tyler felt something was rising within him, as he was almost hitting the ultimate climax like an active volcano ready for eruption.

“…Fuck…mmm…something’s brewing!…”

“Oh, yes!” Dylan happily cried after realizing what Tyler was implying.

“Ahh! Fill me! Fill me up nicely!”

Making the most of the last few moments they had, Tyler swiftly lifted Dylan off of the couch and began to thrust orderly, but ferociously into him, gripping onto his thighs for balance in an attempt to make every last plunge count.

The feeling of Tyler penetrating him feverishly with increasing increments of time caused shockwaves of torment and pleasure to soar through Dylan’s body. His eyes rolled back from the extraordinary sensation as his tongue was soon dangling wildly out of his mouth.

After a few more seconds of intense movements, Tyler began to unleash a massive, creamy tsunami of cum into Dylan’s completely penetrated chamber as they both let out final shouts of immense and absolute ecstasy. Tyler soon pulled his member out from Dylan’s entrance as more of the creamy solution flooded out from inside of his posterior along with Tyler’s member squirting out a couple more strands onto Dylan’s ass.

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