I am a Flirt

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Double Penetration

I am a flirt, but you knew that from when you first laid eyes on me. You drew me out, wanting me. You started teasing me with little email comments, making me laugh. You use puns and word play with flair. I loved the way made me laugh. There was little time spent with you that you didn’t leave me with a smile on my face. Your humor always put me in a good mood. One night, you asked me to dinner with you, even though our break was short. You decided to take your car, and on the way you put your hand on my leg. That simple act sent shivers up and down my spine. Seeing me blush and not stop you, your hand remained there all the way to the restaurant, occasionally twitching to brush my inner thigh again, causing little tingles to run through my body. At dinner you were a perfect gentleman, and we flirted casually as we ate. We lost track of time, we were having so much fun just talking together.

On the ride back to work, I sat nervously in your passenger seat thinking, “Oh my God, he makes me so hot.” But being the conservative type, (outwardly) I just sat there blushing. As we pulled into the parking lot, we laughed at our tardiness. To you, it was no big deal; the job wasn’t really what you wanted anyway. You held out though, if only so you could talk to me. You continued to send me teasing emails outlining what you might do if given the opportunity. Of course you may have just been teasing, but my cooperation made you want to push to see what you could get away with.

Emails continued and we began chatting on instant messengers. We had long conversations about varieties of things, but the best ones included you telling me how you would pleasure me. You would tell me how you would brush your fingers on my thigh and teasingly draw them up my leg. I swear I could feel your fingers just by reading the words on the screen. You talked to me so easily and your very words cause my skin to tingle. Even when we started talking on the phone, with you describing your touches to me gangbang porno as I mimicked those as best as I could while in the bath. You made me feel so desired, wanting to do anything with you.

One day you asked me to meet you at your place knowing how hard it is for me to get away from my husband. But by that time, I just didn’t care, because I had started wanting you. It was a terrible desire and yet I couldn’t pull away. I started planning carefully, making excuses to my husband about where I was going. I selected this dress especially for you, knowing how seeing my legs excites you. The dress was a silky, red, strapless type I chose for the emphasis on my legs. You have always liked just running your hands across my legs which continually drives me wild.

With trepidation I drove up to your house, chatting with you as I drove. You told me your roommates weren’t home so we would be alone for a few hours. Still, I was feeling apprehensive and had butterflies in my stomach, likely afraid that you wouldn’t be there, after driving all the way. Relief washed over me when I pulled into the driveway and saw you were there, waiting for me. You met me at my car, took my hand as I stood, and pulled me into your embrace. My head barely grazed your chest; your 6’3″ height towered above me.

Leaning down to my 5′ frame, you looked deep into my eyes as your hand brushed the side of my face in the teasing gesture I’d come to recognize from you. Your lips teased mine as your hand traveled down the side of my neck, sending a shiver down my spine. I parted my lips as your tongue snaked out, licking across my full, demanding lips and pushed its way inside my mouth. My breath caught with your passion as your hands ran down my back and teasingly caressed my sides. You knew that tickles me, and I couldn’t help but start to giggle, yet the kiss continued.

After what felt like an eternity, the kiss was broken, and we walked inside where I set czech harem porno down my purse and started to turn around but you grabbed me from behind and leaned down to feather my neck and shoulders with your kisses. My body responded as you reached around me, fondling my breasts and twisting my nipples to their full hardness. My hands reached back looking for support, and found your strong legs. You guided me over to your couch where you knelt in front of me, trailing your fingers along my thighs. My legs always turn to jell-o when you touch me there and I sank down into the comfortable couch. You rose and sat beside me, leaning in to kiss me again. You pushed my dress out of your way as you trailed your kisses down my neck to the uppermost parts of my breasts. Your fingers began to explore the areas between my legs. Your hands caused me to quiver under your electric touch.

My body was screaming for more as I reached out to you, my hands grazed over your erect manhood. Your jeans were getting tighter as we sat there, you kissing me. I grabbed at the button to extract my prize. I was surprised by your girth when I was able to get your zipper down. I grabbed your hard cock and held it, feeling it, noticing how smooth you are there. You said you shaved, but I’ve never felt a shaved man before.

You decided to stop what you are doing in the nether region and brought your hands up, cupping my smallish breasts. Your mouth descended upon them nibbling lightly through the thin fabric. Your hands pulled aside the straps holding my top up, and with a gentle tug, my breasts were fully exposed to you. My nipples were fully hard, begging to be sucked on. You obliged them while your hands once again found their way down to my thighs. Sliding your hand up my thighs, little wisps of touch, caused me to squirm under your attention. Your hands reached for the thin strings of the panties that I wore while you leaned down to smell my musky scent and at a swipe czech mega swingers porno of your finger, my body jumped and you practically ripped off my panties, in a hurry to get them off now.

My freshly-shaved pussy was exposed for you and your tongue reached out to gloss over my swollen lips, separating them in search of my throbbing clit. My hands grabbed for your head trying to force you to get closer and harder, but your aim was to tease before you please. A little flick of your tongue and I was bucking toward you, wanting you, needing you. Your tongue began to comply with my thrusts and gave more pleasure now, licking and flicking my clit causing me to moan in extreme pleasure. Suddenly you plunged your tongue into my waiting hole, tasting the salty, musky, wetness that was there. A soft scream escaped my lips as your tongue explored and then a finger was pushed between my folds. I was moaning loudly, and began to buck against your hand.

My eyes were barely open and I was exhilarated with the sensations you caused within me. You stopped and I cried out, but almost immediately you were there leaning over me. The head of your turgid cock pressed against me, rubbing on my engorged clit. The size of you again astonished me as you began to push into me. Inch by inch, you entered my tight hole. I clutched you as you tried to arrange our bodies. You grunted as you began to thrust, enjoying the tightness of my pussy.

Very quickly I returned to the state I was in when your hands left me, and the tightness you felt from me is also more than you expected. Your thrusts become more urgent and I get closer, screaming louder with each one. My climax was nearing; a couple more thrusts and it would be here. Your grunting was also noticeably stronger with the forcefulness of your thrusts.

You flicked your thumb over my hardened nipple and that did it for me, I was cumming, screaming loudly. My pussy was clenching tightly on your cock and with that intense feeling, you also cried out with lust, your sperm shooting deep inside of me. My pussy continued to spasm, milking every drop from you, but yet, you still were not satisfied. You looked down on me, holding me, as my spasms subsided and I see in your eyes you aren’t through. Your lust for me was just beginning…

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