I Love Cum

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I love cum. I didn’t know this until I was over 30 years old. But once I realized it, wow! I first started down this road to discovery while looking at straight porn. I started out liking the basic stuff, girls getting fucked hard by big dicks. Then I started really liking lesbian action. I still love watching two hot girls suck each others juicy cunts. Gradually however, I started getting into watching hot girls sucking cocks and then really focused on the cumshots. After awhile, I started wondering what it would be like to suck a cock myself. Then I started fantasizing about it. Then I started wanting to do it. Then, I couldn’t wait to feel a hard slab of man meat fucking my face cunt.

My problem was I was looking for a certain kind of guy that I would like to suck. I didn’t want a guy that would “look down” on me. I didn’t want a guy that was too old or too fat or whatever. I was having trouble finding my perfect guy. I also didn’t know how to approach a guy for that sort of thing. By then I had discovered glory holes and even had my cock sucked a few times. I couldn’t make myself reciprocate though. I still wanted to know what kind of guy I was sucking.

Then one year on vacation, I went to an adult bookstore (abs). I looked around at all the videos and toys for a while to get myself worked up. Then I bought a token to enter the promised land, the Mecidiyeköy Escort private booths. I walked around a bit to see what all was going on. Most guys were in the booths with the doors shut. One older, overweight guy was jacking off with the door open but he didn’t fit my “profile.” So, I went to my own booth and started watching some porn. I left my door open a little to try and create interest. It worked. I started noticing a guy walking past my door multiple times. He was a young Hispanic guy, early to mid-twenties and slight of build.

Then, he stopped and started looking in while I was jacking. He opened my door a little and watched more brazenly. When I didn’t say anything, he correctly interpreted the invitation and stepped in. He just watched me jacking for a few minutes as he pulled his own modest cock out of his pants. Here I was, sitting on a bench while a hot young guy was standing near me with his dick just a few inches away from my hungry mouth. He asked me if I wanted to touch it and I nodded. This was a huge step. I reached out and took his tool in my right hand and just held it for a moment. Then I started stroking it gently. He was obviously enjoying the attention and proceeded to ask if I wanted to kiss it. Well, this was the moment I had been waiting years for. A hot guy was asking me to kiss his dick. Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan I needed no further prompting. I bent forward and, for the first time in my life, took another man’s cock in my mouth. He was only about 5 inches and not real thick so I had no trouble taking it all the way. I marveled at the texture. It was so hard and yet so soft. Well, we traded sucking each other for a few minutes and then he jacked off while sucking me. After he came, spooked and ran out like the place was on fire.

I went home from vacation and went to a local abs. On my way in there was an older black man in the store. I bought my tokens and went to the back. In a few minutes I heard someone else walk in the booth next to mine. The next thing I knew, there was a long black cock sticking through the glory hole. Mmmmmm!! It looked so good. I didn’t even hesitate; I just went to my knees and started sucking that black snake for all I was worth. I was still not ready to eat cum so when he started pumping his cock through the hole I took it out and jacked him off, watching the cum spurt out into my booth. There was a lot of it. He left and no one else came in that night.

Well, that scenario played out a few more times and I was never quite ready to let the guys shoot their cum in my mouth. Then one day it happened. I don’t know what Escort Mecidiyeköy was different, I just know that when the guy started groaning and pumping his engorged cock down my throat, I didn’t take it out, I just let him spray the inside of my mouth with all his thick, hot cum. It was awesome! I realized then what I had been missing. It was so hot and creamy and delicious. When he pulled out and zipped up, I just sat there with his generous load in my mouth savoring the taste and texture. Then I knew what I wanted. I very deliberately swallowed the whole wad this stranger had just pumped into my whore mouth. What an experience. I started swallowing all the loads then for a while.

Then I discovered my love for having a guy jack off on my face. It felt so good to have that hot sauce spurting out onto my skin. Eventually, I stopped wiping it off between strangers and let it accumulate as I sucked off other guys. Many nights I had as many as 4 or 5 loads of cum on my face at one time and my best night was 7. After that I went to a nearby plaza and in the bed of my truck I shot my own load on my face to make it 8. Sometimes I would drive all the way home with cum drying on my face. A couple of times I went to a drive through while the cum was still wet and shiny on my face. Talk about a rush, that is an incredible experience.

That is my story in a nutshell. Now you know how I came to love cum. These days I try to get it as often as I can. Sometimes I take it all over my face and sometimes I take it all down my throat. I never really know which it is until the stranger in the next booth starts that tell-tell twitching and moaning. Either way, I just love cum!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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