I, Pornographer Ch. 07

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Two weeks from the date I sent out Penny’s tape, I get a call from a California producer. He wants Penny. I ask him about Mike Palone and Jules Fernandez. He says he’s not interested in either one. I call Penny in and tell her that one of the producers in California wants her. She smiles and says, “Does that mean I’m going to be your business partner?”

“Yeah, if you don’t want to go to California.”

“I don’t want to go. I’d much rather be with you in any capacity for as long as you want me.”

I smile at her and grab her to give her a big kiss. “How would you like to be my business partner and my life partner?”


“Would you marry me and also be my business partner?”

She’s standing there with her mouth hanging open. “I love you Penny. I want to be with you forever.”

She is stunned and suddenly she starts to fall. I grab her. “Are you okay, Penny? What’s wrong? Breathe, baby.”

She takes a big breath and soon is feeling better. She looks up at me and says “Brad, we’ve only known each other for like a month. I love you too, but I have serious concerns about how fast we are going.”

“Okay, how about a year long engagement then?”

She looks into my eyes and shakes her head ‘yes’. “Okay, I will marry you in a year if we both still want each other.”

“And the business partnership?”

“Oh yes, I’ll definitely be your partner.” She grabs me and we kiss for a long time. This woman is going to be a great partner. She has a nose for a good story.

I say, “You are my business partner no matter what we end up doing about the marriage question. You’ll be my Chief Of Operations. Of course, we share everything including each other until the end of the partnership. Okay?”

She French kisses me long and hard. “Okay. I love you, Brad.”

“Back at you girl. You are the best thing to ever happen to me.”

We go out for a celebratory supper and then head home to fuck the night away. Tonight, she deep-throats me and doesn’t gag. She is so happy to have done that and I tell her I’m very proud of her.

The next day, I call my lawyer and tell him to draw up the partnership paperwork. I skip out of the office for an hour that morning and come back with a ring box. I call her into the office and ask her to sit on the couch. I get up and walk over to her, kneel and say, “Penny, I love you. Will you marry me in one year?” I open the ring box. Her hand is over her mouth. It’s a beautiful 3ct solitaire ring.

“Oh God, Brad. It’s beautiful. Yes, I’ll marry you in one year, Brad.” I take the ring out and slip it on her hand. She jumps on me and we tumble to the floor and start to kiss. We end up making love for over an hour on my office floor.

The next day, we call the California producer and Penny officially tells him no. She’s got a much better offer. He is surprised and a little disappointed. He asks her what that offer is. She looks at me and says, “I’m going to be Brad’s business partner and probably in a year, his wife.

He tells me he wants a face to face interview with John Boner. I tell him I’ll let John know and we’ll call him back.

The first script is finally ready. Penny and I read it together. It’s pretty hot. We start to talk about casting. Penny and I are going to star in it but we’ll need a good amatör porno friend for both the lead characters. I tell Penny I’m thinking about Mike Palone and Mary Shoemaker for the friends. She says she likes that idea. The friends are not involved until later in the movie, then they fuck and start dating. Right at the end, the two couples are in a house and begin to make out. Then they start to fuck but there’s no swap between the couples.

I give both Mike and Mary a call and tell them they have a role in our first movie. We start to shoot in a week. They are both really happy. Mike asks if he should be manscaping. I tell him not this time. I want him to go au natural. He laughs.

Karen comes in and tells me she’s ready to be tested including anal. We set her up the next day at 10am.

At 10am the next day, Karen walks into my office. Penny and I are waiting for her. I give her the standard interview. She strips for us and I take the photos of her naked body. She’s pretty hot. Her head-shots come out great. I ask her to turn toward the couch, bend over and spread her butt cheeks. Her pussy is nearly virginal and her ass is definitely unused. They are both pristine.

“Karen, let’s do the interview portion now.”

“Karen, have you decided on a porn name yet?”

Karen says “No, not really.”

I say “Well, you should probably come up with one. You don’t want to use your real name.”

She says “Okay.”


“I’m 21.”

I ask her her measurements and she says “36C-22-36 and 5′ 8 1/2″ tall.”

I say “Weight?”

She says “About 125lbs.”

Her hair color is brown and she’s got a full pubis but it looks very well maintained.

I say “Okay, let’s talk sexual experience. Give me a ballpark figure of the number of sex partners.”

She blushes and says “Ah…Two men and ah…eight women.”

I smile and say “Ten total then. I know you’ve told us you are bisexual but leaning toward women.”

“Yes, that’s true, Brad, at this time anyway. I think I just haven’t met the right man yet. I’m bisexual though.”

I smile. “So have you done oral and vaginal sex?”


“Okay. And I know you are ready for anal sex today.”

She says “Yes. I’m ready for you to take my anal virginity but very nervous about it.”

“You’ll be fine, Karen. I won’t hurt you.”

She say “I’m relying on that, Brad. Penny has told me you were great with her so I’m hoping it will go the same with me.”

“Don’t worry about it, Karen.”

I say, “I assume with the women you went down on them, right?”

She says “Of course. I’ve eaten eight pussies so far. Can’t wait to get with my former roommate.”

Penny smiles.

“Great. I’m assuming you haven’t had sex with more than one man at a time and no kinky stuff like bondage sex.”

She says “No. Although bondage sounds like fun, especially if Penny tied me up and had her way with me. Wow! That thought is getting me hot.”

I look at Penny and she looks kind of shocked. I smile.

Karen is sitting there and not covering herself and she’s got her legs open fairly wide. I like it.

“Okay, Karen. I want you to lean back, spread your legs out and start to masturbate while we strip. Play to this camera on my desk.”

She spreads anal porno her legs out, leans back and begins to play with herself. She’s watching me and Penny get naked and when we’re totally naked, she licks her lips. She’s checking out Penny’s hot body more than mine. I’m pretty hard already but Penny kneels and starts to suck me to get me harder. Karen is watching and I point at the camera on my desk. She smiles at me and looks into the camera.

After five minutes, I’m hard and ready. I walk over and kneel down in front of her. I say “I’m going to see how that gorgeous pussy tastes now.” Penny crawls up on the couch and straddles Karen’s face. Karen starts to lick Penny and is moaning. She loves that pussy, as do I.

I stick my face into her pussy. I begin to lick her and she groans loudly. After a couple of minutes, she grabs her legs behind her knees and pulls them up so that she’s really open for me. She tastes very good, just as good as Penny, and her pheromones are making me hot as hell. I reach up with both hands and begin to play with her hard nipples. She’s got great tits too.

After a couple of minutes, I reach back down and open her pussy up a little more. I start to suck and lick her inner pussy lips. She groans “Oh, God!!” She starts to breathe like she’s having problems catching her breath. When I slip two fingers into her pussy, she says “Oh, Brad, yesssss!”

I finger fuck her with special attention to the g-spot and a couple of minutes later she raises off the couch and screams as she begins to cum. As she’s still cumming, I move to her clit and suck it into my mouth and she screams and lifts off the couch again.

I start to flick her clit with my tongue and she screams again. “Holy fuck!! Oh. My. God!”

After she’s cums for a couple of minutes, she pushes me away. I slip the condom on and enter her. Penny starts to cum as I start to pump into Karen.

I fuck her fairly fast, three minutes later she starts to cum again. I fuck her through two more orgasms and pull out. Penny is on her third orgasm. I let her finish and when she does she moves off of Karen, I stand up, remove the condom, take a step back, turn sideways so the camera on my desk can get a good view and point at my hard cock. Karen smiles and slowly gets up off the couch to kneel in front of me. She grabs my rock hard cock and begins to lick the head. Soon my cock is buried in her mouth and she’s sucking the hell out of it. She’s not bad for someone who prefers women. She starts to fuck her mouth with it. Soon I pull her up, kiss her, sit on the couch and tell her to get on top.

She sits lays down it and begins to fuck me. She’s not bad at all for someone with only two male partners. She’s pretty tight though. She’s really bouncing up and down on my hard on. I start to play with those hard nipples again. She’s moaning again, I kiss the left side of her neck, she moans and then she leans down and kisses me. When she breaks the kiss and sits back up, I reach one hand down and start to rub her clit. Her clit is only about 1/4″ long sticking out of her clitoral hood.

Penny is sitting on my desk chair masturbating.

Karen is moaning constantly and lasts two more minutes and then she screams again as she begins another orgasm. She’s really clamping down on me but I manage anal breakers porno to make it through another of her orgasms. She’s very tight.

I tell her to get up and lean over the arm of the couch. I slip into her and start to fuck her doggie style. I grab the lube and start to lube her ass. When I slip my finger into her ass, she hits another orgasm quickly. I’m still okay but I’m getting close. Penny is under her face again and she is working on Penny’s pussy. After her next orgasm, I slip out of her pussy and slowly slip into her ass. She takes it fairly easily and is moaning when I’m all the way in. “Fuck me Brad. God yes!! That actually feels really good.” I start to move, reach around and start to rub her clit. Three minutes later she screams as she begins to cum hard. I last through that orgasm but I’m too close. I pull out and tell her to turn around and kneel. She kneels and opens her mouth. I rip the condom off as I’m jacking off. The first stream goes right into her mouth and I aim the rest at her face.

Five shots of cum later, I’m done. She looks great with that cum on her face so I tell her how wonderful she looks. I help her stand and kiss her lips. Penny grabs her, kisses her and licks some of my cum off her face. Karen laughs. I tell her to go through a door behind my desk to clean up.

I tell Penny she’s great. She took the anal sex very well and seemed to enjoy it. After she cleans her face, she walks back into the room and over to Penny. She French kisses Penny and says, “Penny, I’ve been dreaming of having you on my face for so long. I’m so glad that finally happened.” I give her the $100 bill and she smiles at me and kisses me.

Penny tells her she enjoyed it too. Penny asks her how she like getting fuck by her fiance’. Karen looks at me and says, “That’s the best sex I’ve ever had with a man. And the anal sex orgasm was the best orgasm I’ve ever had. You’re very luck, Penny. I can see why you wanted to date him. Brad, you don’t have to send my tape to California. I’m staying here with you and Penny. I’d love to do what we did today again many times if that is something you two would lick.” Penny is smiling.

“We’ll see, Karen. I enjoyed it too.”

Later, Penny asks me if Karen can move in with us. Penny says she’s really starting to enjoy eating pussy and she’d like to have sex with Karen a lot. She looks at me and says, “You can fuck her too if you want, honey. Share and share alike, right?”

I agree to have Karen move in. Penny talks to Karen and, at first, she is reluctant to move in. She doesn’t want to be a third wheel. Penny keeps talking to her and finally convinces her, since there is no rent or utilities to pay. Although Karen is bisexual but leaning toward lesbianism, she tells Penny she hopes Penny is okay with her fucking me. Penny tells Karen she has no problem sharing me with her. Penny told me that she wants us to have threesome sex with Karen. She says she really enjoyed what we did during Karen’s audition tape. I don’t plan on fucking Karen much. Mainly because I’m very satisfied with my woman.

Karen also tells Penny she’s found a story that she thinks I’ll like. She gives Penny a copy of it.

Later we read it together and it’s a romance story but does have many explicit sex scenes in it. I ask Penny’s opinion and she says she likes it. I tell her I do too. We’ll do it after the swinger film. I’m thinking Stan and Jennifer for the leads.

The next day, I buy the story for $3000 and give Karen a $1000 bonus. She’s thrilled and kisses me.

To be continued…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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