I’d like to Try My Coffee Black

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I want to thank Literotica members whateverandwhatever for the story idea and PG564E for the dirty details!

Many thanks to those who rate, comment, and leave feedback. It’s all very much appreciated.

***Special thanks to NickJBella for editing this story for me and being awesome!***


‘She did it! She really fucking did it! The bitch finally packed up and left after twenty-four years of marriage,’ I think to myself as I stand in the middle of my living room. I have just arrived home from work to notice quite a few things have been cleaned out of the home we once shared. I now find myself as a forty-nine-year-old man who will be going through a divorce. I’m sure a bitter one at that. Being married this long and overcoming as much bullshit as we have, I figured we were going to last a lifetime. I was wrong.

I slowly wander through every room of the house making a mental note of the things I am now going to have to replace. Each room I explore brings out more and more anger. I’m pissed! While I’m glad she finally made up her mind and left for good, I’m far from impressed with the way she did it. She wouldn’t talk to me; wouldn’t listen to my pleas. She has walked out of my life and into the arms of a twenty-something-year-old hot shot that makes her feel like she’s sexy arm candy again.

Janie said she’s been having an affair for about a year. I’m guessing it was longer because of the way she had started acting. She actually reverted back to the sexy attitude she had when we first got married. She started dressing sexier, started carrying herself with more confidence, started putting more effort into herself and making herself more attractive. And it was all done for another man. Dammit! I feel like such an ass for actually believing that she was doing it all for me.

I grumble to myself and make my way into my home office. This is the one room that Janie didn’t remove anything. I put my laptop on the desk and flop down in the chair. I run my fingers through my graying, thinning hair and let out a huge sigh. I’m relieved that she’s gone but I have one hell of a fight ahead of me. I need a drink.

In the dining room I see that she did, in fact, leave all the alcohol behind. Thank God for that! I make myself a strong rum and Coke and quickly throw it back. It actually went down a lot easier than it probably should have. I mix another and take it back into my office. I turn the monitor on that is part of the “old dinosaur desktop” that I have. I rarely use this one anymore but I fancy watching porn on this over my laptop. There’s way too much personal information on my laptop to risk getting a virus from a smut site. I decide to take out a little frustration and start with the myriad of pictures I have saved over the years. Janie never had a problem with my being fascinated with porn and she even delved into a bit herself so I never had a reason to hide it. I’m about to open the documents folder where I’ll find my collection of lovely ladies that will never say no to me.

I accidentally click on the wrong folder and I notice something odd when it opens. ‘What is this?’ I mentally ask myself as I notice another folder hidden within this folder titled “Janie’s recipes.” The bitch never cooked. Why the hell would she need this? I click on it and it opens up to what looks like hundreds of pictures. Recipes? I think not. I see men. Naked men. All different kinds of naked men. I click on the first one to open it. It’s a man completely nude and posing on a couch. His smooth body looks to be oiled and his cock is rock hard, a big cock at that. Bigger than my eight inches; very impressive. Even with an eight-inch cock, I couldn’t keep my whore of a wife happy. Bitch! The picture infuriates me but I physically cannot pull my eyes away. There’s something about the way his ass is sticking out almost as if it’s begging for attention. I shake my head to clear my dirty thoughts and click on the next picture. With each click, I see more and more of the same. All well hung men in different poses, some hanging partially flaccid, others looking like their cocks are going to split in half if they don’t shoot a big load of hot cum soon. My own cock is getting very hard itself. I shift in my chair to allow my dick more room to grow.

One thing I never told dear Janie throughout our entire marriage is that I have always been a little on the curious side. I’ve never been with a man but boy I have thought about what it would be like to feel a man’s lips on my cock. I might even fancy sucking a guy off at some point just to say I tried it. I tried so hard to get her to participate in a threesome with another man but she never went for it. I even went so far as to let her pick what man we would invite into our bedroom but she still didn’t give in. I wouldn’t have gone all out and done things with the other guy in front of her, but I would definitely have sneaked in a feel or maybe even a simple lick on his cock here and there if the sexual Taksim Escort positions with her would have allowed it.

Damn, my dick is starting to throb. I unzip my pants and break it free from its fabric prison. I give it a few long strokes as I continue perusing her saved pictures. I freeze when a picture pops up showing one man being fucked from behind by another. Well, well, well. It looks like Janie has a little bit of a fascination with gay porn. One guy is on his hands and knees on a bed with his eyes closed and his face showing extreme pleasure. Behind him, another man has a firm grip on his hips and is throwing his cock into him hard. He looks like he’s on the verge of filling the bottom’s ass full of his own hot cum. I look down and see a bead of cum forming on the tip of my cock. I swipe it with my thumb and quickly lick it off. Mmm.

I’m in a rush to find a site with some nice, satisfying gay porn videos. I need to release and I need it now! I click on a clip with a preview that closely resembles the picture I just looked at it. I forward through it to where I can see the bottom getting pounded. I click play and let the fun begin.

The bottom is moaning with pleasure as the top is grunting and covered in sweat. I watch his muscles flex each time he throws his cock into the bottom’s ass. My dick is twitching and begging for attention but if I touch it I’m afraid it’ll explode. The camera angle switches and I can see an underside close-up view of the top’s big cock sliding in and out of that tight little ass. He pulls his dick out until the base of his mushroom shows and then he slams it back in all the way. His balls are bouncing against the bottom’s and my own balls begin to ache. Easy there, little fellas; not much longer. Listening to both men moan and grunt with lust is exhilarating.

The camera angle changes yet again to a rear-side view where I can see everything. I finally begin jerking my cock with a firm grip. I’m imagining that I’m the one stuffing my cock into that tight ass. The top quickly pulls out, rips the condom off, and starts wildly jerking himself. Mere seconds later he has expelled so much cum that the bottom’s ass crack is flooded in white. I blow my own load as I watch the cum drip down the bottom’s sack.

Holy fuck! That was a big one and I’ve made quite a mess on my desk. I’m covered in sweat and my heart is pounding. Thanks for the nice collection of “recipes”, Janie. I now have a ferocious appetite for some sausages and beefcakes. I sure needed that.

The next morning starts like any other has for the past two months. That’s how long Janie has been staying with her sister. I’m getting used to waking up in a house that’s empty even though I spent most of those two months hoping she would come home. But this morning, the house is even emptier than usual now that most of her belongings have been moved out. My morning routine has taken shape nicely. I don’t even miss the morning kiss goodbye anymore.

I usually spend my lunch hour sitting in a local coffee shop located just around the corner from my office. I’ve officially become a regular there and they all know me by name. I sit myself down at the corner table away from the hustle and bustle that is coming and going.

“Hello, Rick. Would you like your usual?” Today it looks like I have the pleasure of enjoying the company of my favorite server.

“That would be great, Tyler. Thank you.” Tyler is tall, black, and strikingly handsome. He’s quiet but can hold a conversation once he gets to know you. He’s a university student and just trying to make a living. He’s very smart and basically keeps to himself and his studies. I always make sure to tip him well. I know what it’s like to have to scrape by at that age.

“Here’s your order. Is there anything else I can get you?” Tyler asks as he places my latte and deli sandwich down in front of me. He seems a little down. I’m usually greeted with a smile and an upbeat attitude but not today.

“No, thank you. Are you feeling ok today? You seem like something’s bothering you.”

“I’ll be ok. My partner and I have decided to call it quits and I’m still trying to accept it,” he says. “Three damn years and it’s over in the blink of an eye.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, man. You already know all about my old lady leaving me.”

“Thank you. I thought things were going great for he and I but I guess I was wrong,” he says.

“Tell me about it. Life will turn around and take a shit on you at a second’s notice. It sucks but you’ll move on. Maybe going out and getting a piece of ass will help,” I joke with him.

“Maybe,” he says with a slightly raised eyebrow. Was that just the tiniest hint of a lip bite that I saw?

‘I see what you’re doing there, Tyler,’ I think to myself.

He smiles and turns to walk back towards the kitchen. I can’t help but notice the tight pants he’s wearing. Given the pictures and nice little video clip I enjoyed last night, Taksim Escort Bayan I find myself paying close attention to Tyler’s ass and the big bulge that those skinny jeans are hugging. He’s always wearing tight, colorful clothing but he’s just looking a little bit more tempting today.

While he has never revealed much personal information about his sexuality, I’ve always been aware that he’s gay. He and I have made small, flirty passes at one another in the past but we were also both in relationships and I honestly think he feels I’m not serious. It looks like he’s floating up the same shit creek as me now. This might get interesting with a little time. Or right away if I gather the nerve. I’m usually straightforward but this is a whole new world to me. Maybe his vulnerable state is just the right time for me to make a move. The worst he will do is say no, right?

The rest of the afternoon is spent thinking about how I could make a move on Tyler without weirding him out. It’s not like I’m asking him to go on a date; I just want his mouth on my cock. I may even want to shove my dick in his ass if he’ll let me. I tried fucking Janie’s ass once. She wasn’t too keen on the idea and I never even got far enough for the head to pop inside. She said it hurt and that I was never doing that again. I believe she even called me an asshole that night. She could barely handle having a finger in there while I was eating her pussy so I guess I should have known that it was going to be forever off limits. With as bland as she is in the bedroom, I honestly have no idea how she is entertaining someone twenty years younger than herself.

After work, I fight the temptation to stop back by the coffee shop. I would occasionally stop by there on my way home if I had no interest in hurrying home to Janie or if I knew she was out fucking her new boy toy and I had no reason to be home. Tyler has had the unfortunate opportunity of listening to my rants on several occasions. That’s one more reason I tip him well. Anyone who will sit and listen to that kind of bullshit deserves compensation.

I pass right on by the coffee shop and drive home with a huge hard on instead. My dick physically hurts. I haven’t had sex with anyone in two months but I have managed to wear off more than a few layers of skin from the palm of my hand. I couldn’t even pick up a slut from the local bar when I tried. She went home with the stranger I was sitting next to instead. Lucky bastard.

Dinner consists of baked beans and a couple of hot dogs. I’m so fucking horny that even those look tempting to suck on. Fuck! My urge to explore is getting stronger and stronger. It’s to the point of being an obsession. Dick and ass are all I have thought about today.

I head into my bathroom and start the water for my shower. I peel my suit off from me and set all of the clothing aside so I remember to take them to the dry cleaner. Steam is starting to fill the bathroom and the water is nice and hot when I jump inside the shower. My cock is so sensitive that the water spraying on it gets me even more excited. I don’t think it’s been soft for more than a twenty minutes length of time since lunch.

I gather some body wash in my hand and wrap my fingers around my dick. I place my left hand against the wall, lean forward, and close my eyes as my hand starts violently pumping my cock. I imagine Tyler’s firm, dark ass high in the air as he’s on all fours and it’s just begging to be stretched wide by my cock. He looks like the type whose balls will be completely free of hair. I wonder what it would feel like to lick and suck them while they hang vulnerable between his thighs. I don’t even make it very far into my thoughts before my orgasm sneaks up on me and I blow a huge load onto the wall. Cum splatters as I watch my viscous lust slide down to the drain. I’ve made up my mind and I can’t wait any longer. I need him. I need his mouth. I need his ass. And I even want to suck his cock.

I am pacing around my office all morning long waiting for noontime. The second the clock strikes twelve, I bolt out the door and head straight for the coffee shop. I can only hope that Tyler is working. This whole attempt is completely on a whim. I’m going to feel like a total loser if he isn’t even working today.

I compose myself just before I get to the front door. I make sure my tie is straight and my jacket it buttoned. I stride inside and go to my usual table. I’m searching my surroundings but I don’t see Tyler yet. Just when I think this whole idea is stupid and I’m an idiot for even doing this, he emerges from the kitchen. He sees me and quickly makes his way to my table with his usual smile. Shit! Has he and what’s-his-name reconciled since yesterday? He just got dumped, he shouldn’t be this damn happy.

“Rick! Let me guess; you’re having your usual today?” He laughs.

“You know it,” I reply. As soon as he brings my order to me, I invite him to sit if he has a minute. Escort Taksim He happily agrees.

“Well, it looks like you’re doing better since yesterday,” I say.

“I am, thanks. I had an eye-opener yesterday and realize that this is for the best. I’m too young to be allowing myself to get depressed over some asshole who doesn’t appreciate me,” he replies.

“That’s a helluva good way to look at the whole thing. I’ve been feeling the same way about the mess I’m in.”

“I hate to cut it short, but I really should get back to work. People are starting to flood in.”

“Wait!” I say as he stands. Shit! That was a little too climatic. I take a deep breath before continuing. “Are you working later?”

He gives me an inquisitive look, “Yeah. I’m going to be closing tonight.”

‘Fuck yes!’ I scream inside my head. I really hope I’m hiding my excitement well. “Great! I’ll be stopping back by later tonight,” I say with a smile. Tyler returns the smile with that same little lip bite he gave me yesterday. My cock twitches at the sight of it.

“I’ll see you later, Rick,” and he turns his attention towards his other tables.

After I finish my lunch, I throw a $20 bill on the table. I take a napkin and fetch a pen from my pocket. I decide to leave a note for Tyler with a subtle little hint on it.

I think I’d like to try having my coffee black


My heart is pounding as I walk out the door. What have I just done? There’s no turning back now. I have seven long hours to think about a plan of what I’m going to do now. I’m going to have a three-hour break after work to go home, freshen up with high hopes, and make my way back here hoping that he is as willing as I am.

Back at my office, I bury myself in my work. I go above and behind to find things to keep my mind occupied. I have even been doing tasks I usually pass off to my coworkers. They’re going to start asking me if I’m feeling alright if I keep this up. Either that or they are going to start expecting way too much out of me.

At five o’clock sharp, I am the first one to leave the building. As soon as I get home I jump in the shower to shave my entire region smooth. I had only done this once before and Janie thought I was ridiculous for doing it. I bet her fuck toy is smooth in more areas than just his balls but she’s probably not complaining about that. I take my time; I’m so nervous I’d hate to slip and cause an awful mess of my nuts. I shave the stubble from my face and throw on my favorite aftershave. Tyler has very seldom seen me casual so I throw on a decent t-shirt and jeans that don’t have holes in them. He’s used to seeing me in my suit and tie attire.

I pull into the parking lot at 7:30 pm and the place looks nearly empty. I can see only a few people when I look through the windows. When I walk inside, I head for a booth rather than my table seat. I’m hoping the booth will give us a little more privacy if needed. Tyler makes his way to me shortly after I arrive. He lets out a chuckle and I’m pretty sure he’s blushing.

“What can I get you tonight, Rick?” He asks.

“I’ll start with just a Diet Pepsi.”

“Coming right up,” he says with a wide smile.

A few minutes go by and he brings my beverage to me. He places a napkin down and sits my glass on it. He quickly goes and carries on his business with his other customers. As I lift my glass to my lips, I look down at the napkin and notice a little note of his own.

Are you sure you wouldn’t like a little cream in that black coffee?


My dick hardens with record speed and I nearly spit my drink out. It looks like he got my subtle hint loud and clear.

Just before the place closes, Tyler makes his way to my booth and whispers for me to stay put. He’s going to let everyone know I’m with him so they won’t kick me out. He and his coworkers quickly get down to business cleaning and shutting things down as soon as the doors are locked. They all clearly know what they’re supposed to be doing and there is little horsing around amongst them. I imagine they are all in a hurry to get home to study as they look like fellow students of Tyler’s.

The lights all go out except for the row of lights above the counter that runs along the front of the kitchen where people can pick up their to-go orders. There are also bar stools that line the counter for those who enjoy eating there rather than a table or booth. Tyler makes his way to me. He looks so seductive in the light glow of lights.

“I can’t stay long tonight. I have business I have to attend to so let’s make this quick and right to the point. Have you ever been with a man?” He asks.

“No. I have never kissed, sucked, been sucked off by, or fucked a man. But I can’t fight it anymore.”

“And what, exactly, do you think will hold you over until I can find the time for you to cross that line and possibly fuck my ass like I know you’ve wanted for some time now?” He asks as he sits on the table in front of me. Holy shit! This is getting real. Wait a minute! He’s known I’ve wanted to claim his ass? He slides one leg between me and the table so he can position his foot on the seat next to me. The bulge in his pants is staring at me; begging to be let free.

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