In The Pitts

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“So pucker like this?”

Jordan raised his lips. Terry shook his head, and said “No, you dolt, like this,” as he puckered his lips and closed his eyes. Jordan wrinkled his nose, and laughed.

“But that just looks so weird.” said Jordan. Terry crossed his arms, and raised an eyebrow. He smirked, and shook his head.

“Oh really? Who’s the kissless virgin here?” said Terry.

Jordan sighed, and hung his head.

“Dude, it’s not fair to bring that up every time. You only dated one girl, man. That doesn’t mean you’re a ladies man all the sudden.”

Terry just laughed, and sat down on the couch. He reached into his pocket, and took out a cigarette. A flick of the wrist later, and he puffed away as he smiled. “Well, true as that might be,” he said as he tapped out an ash, “I still have more experience than you. Which means you should listen when I talk, boy.”

“Oh, don’t start that boy shit. You sound like your brother,” said Jordan as he eased himself beside Terry. He held out his palm, and Terry passed the lighter and cigarettes. Terry placed the ash tray between them, and turned on the TV. He flicked through a few channels, and settled on an episode of Bojack Horseman both had seen a dozen times. Jordan took a drag, and exhaled, smoke curling from his nose as he turned to his friend.

“Hey man, whatever happened between you and Margaret, anyways?”

Terry shrugged, and stamped out his cigarette. He leaned forward, and clasped his hands together as he sighed. He lifted his head, and gave a false little smile Jordan knew all too well.

“Oh, you know, same old shit. Dude with a bigger dick came along, something like that.” said Terry.

“Uh-huh. What really happened man? C’mon. Tell me. You know how I worry about you. You been acting squirrelly as shit since the break up, too.” said Jordan.

Terry sighed, and smoothed the wrinkles in his jeans. He stared at his feet, and breathed deep.

“Promise not to think I’m weird man?”

“Terry, really?”

“Promise me Jordan. You’re the only real friend I got, okay?”

Jordan stamped out his smoke, and leaned forward. He clasped his friend’s shoulder, and smiled. Terry lifted his face, and his lips trembled Etiler Escort as he spoke.

“Well, uh. I think that maybe, just maybe…um. It’s not just girls I like. I mean, I like girls, and love pussy, you know me man. But I uh…well. I kinda like guys too. I hope that isn’t weird for you.”

Jordan dropped his hand, and leaned back as he raised an eyebrow. He let out a chuckle, and Terry sunk his face into his hands.

“Fuck man, I knew I shouldn’t have told you.” he said as his fingers gripped his hair. Jordan continued to laugh, and clasped his friends shoulder again.

“Dude, that’s it? She broke up with you because you kinda-sorta-maybe like dick? Really?” said Jordan. Terry gave him a slow, solemn nod as he stared at the TV. Jordan stood up, and walked from the couch towards the kitchen. When he returned, he had two beers in hand. He cracked one open, and pushed it under Terry’s face. Terry looked up and took the bottle. He held it an inch from his lips as Jordan spoke.

“You know what I think man? I think that’s fucking wrong, and she’s wrong, and there ain’t shit wrong with who you are. I’m fucking proud of you for telling me man. Seriously.”

Terry’s lips trembled, and he took a sip from the bottle. As the beer washed down his through, he coughed into his hands. His grin widened, and he looked up at his friend.

“You…you serious? Like…thank you dude. For real. I’ve held that shit in for so long. You’re the second person I’ve told, besides her.”

Jordan reached his bottle forward, and clinked it against his friends. He eased back down next to him, and downed half the bottle. He leaned forward, and placed it on the table. He turned Terry, and threw an arm around him.

“Dude, you’re my best friend. Closest thing I have to a brother. Don’t ever be afraid of who you are. ‘Cause you know what? You’re still the biggest bad ass I know. Okay?”

Terry laughed, and took a long draw from his bottle. He sat it on the table, and turned towards Jordan.

“Thanks man, seriously. That’s a big load off.” he said.

Jordan winked, and gave him a nudge. “Guess you’d know a thing or two about taking loads off then, eh?”

Jordan barely Escort Etiler had time to laugh as Terry jumped, smacking the top of his friends head as they wrestled on the couch. Laughter erupted, and Terry pinned Jordan down. He smirked, and reached over as he straddled Jordan’s waist. He grabbed both the bottles from the coffee table, and drained his own, as well as Jordan’s.

“Oh, come on, man! We don’t have that much beer left!”

“Nope. One’s mine, and the other is the shitty joke tax. Deal with it.” said Terry as he gulped. Jordan, breath still short from wrestling his friend, laid his head back and sighed.

“Well, fuck. Wanna do a beer run?” he said. Terry’s cheeks flushed with the alcohol, and he leaned over Jordan. He pinned his friend’s wrists to the cushion, and he smirked.

“Nah. I’m buzzed now, and we’ve been drinking all day. But I got a way to make it up to you, mister totally kissless virgin.”

Jordan’s spine went rigid, and his mouth opened. He was about to speak, and shut his mouth again as he swallowed hard.

“O-oh yeah? How’s that man?” he said.

Terry leaned forward, and pressed his lips against Jordan’s. He held them there a moment before he pulled back, and gave a small smile.

“There,” said Terry, “Not so kissless anymore. Better?”

Jordan sat still, his head swirling as his cheeks tinged bright red.

“Yeah,” he muttered, “I guess not. That…T-thanks man.”

Terry laughed, and got off the top of his friend. He sat on the far end of the couch, and lit a cigarette.

“You’re quite welcome buddy.” he said.

Jordan sat up at a snail’s pace. He stared at the TV for a long moment, and then turned his face to Terry.

“Um. Could we, like-I mean I need more practice, and like, that was…uh. That was nice. Could we maybe-“

“Maybe what?” said Terry as he smirked, and turned towards Jordan.

“…could we maybe kiss some more?” said Jordan. Terry laughed, and leaned towards Jordan. Smoke escaped his lips as he gripped Jordan’s chin, and kissed him again. Jordan leaned back, his hands at his side as Terry pressed him into the couch cushions and straddled him once more. Their lips met over and Etiler Escort Bayan over again, with Terry’s every kiss going lower and lower. As he approached Jordan’s navel, he looked up at his friend.

“You know, we could make a lot of firsts happen tonight, Jordan.” he said.

Jordan looked down, and gulped. His cock twitched beneath the denim, and he reached down. He popped the button to his jeans, and Terry reached up and pulled his zipper down. As Terry’s hand tugged at Jordan’s boxers, Jordan’s cock burst free and smacked against his friend’s chin. Terry let out a laugh and gripped Jordan’s throbbing member, and smacked it against his face as he met Jordan’s eyes.

“Someone’s a little backed up. Let me take care of you, man.”

Jordan didn’t protest, not even as he hit the back of Terry’s throat. He gripped his friends head, and Terry obliged, bouncing all the way to Jordan’s balls without so much as a gag. As he pulled back, he freed Jordan’s cock from his lips with a wet pop. He tugged his friend, and smiled up at him. Jordan shook and panted, and smiled down at Terry.

“You know, I know something that’ll really make you cum. But it’s a little weird. You up for it?” said Terry. Jordan nodded vigourously, and Terry rose and lifted his shirt off. He sat on his knees, and lifted his arm. His armpit was devoid of hair, and smooth. He smacked his hand against it, and smiled.

“Here. Thrust it here, man.”

Jordan rose, and trembled as he placed his cock in his friends arm pit. Terry smiled, and spit into his palm. He gripped Jordan’s member, and lubed his friend up as his arm lowered. He flexed his bicep, and squeezed tighter around Jordan’s girth.

“Now be a good boy,” Terry said with a smile, “And buck those hips for me.”

Jordan thrust forward, and gripped his friends shoulders as his balls smacked against Terry’s arm. Within a few moments, he clutched Terry’s shoulder, gasping as his load surged forth and spurt against his friend’s skin. Terry laughed, and raised his arm as Jordan fell breathless against the couch.

“Hahah, holy shit dude, you were backed up! Fuck man. I gotta go take a shower, scrub this shit out, okay?” said Terry. As he rose, Jordan gripped his shoulder and stopped him. Terry turned, and with a deep pant, Jordan smiled at him.

“Hold on. I’ll join you.” he said. Both men scrambled down the hall, gripping and tearing at each’s other’s clothes, their moans and bucks lost to the steam of the shower.

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